SmartX Halo - Next Generation Hyperconverged Solution

Designed for the web-scale, shared-nothing IT infrastructure of the future

SmartX Halo is the software behind a modern distributed framework for managing storage, compute, and network. Besides vetted solutions for VMware and Citrix, our KVM based virtualization technology is built to tackle the most demanding enterprise workloads with unprecedented flexibility and resiliency.

  • Support any scalable commodity x86 hardware, consolidate storage and compute, save big on day one CAPEX
  • Scale according to your business needs in true elastic fashion
  • Distributed architecture, highly redundant, no single point of failure, extreme consistency
  • Swift deployment and transparent management in a central interface for a reduced OPEX
  • Software
  • Hardware


  • 100% Software defined,
    Complete hardware independence
  • 100% software driven solution scalable across any x86 appliance.
  • We provide multi-hypervisor support and deep integration with VMware ESXi, Citrix XenServer, and OpenStack.
  • Easy to manage
  • For Every Storage Need

    Mix and Match Your Storage
    Multiple Hybrid SSD/HHD storage tier to accelerate varying levels of data intensive workloads
    High Performance 3d Flash
    Hot caching and auto-tiering of cold data for ultra-high performance.
    Thin Provision
    Controlled oversubscription for optimal utilization
    Split-second Snapshotting / Cloning
    Up-to-the-minute data capture and infrastructure management
    Scaling On-demand
    True linear scaling at your fingertips.
  • Eco-friendly

    Multi-hypervisor Support
    Pick from VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, or our own enterprise grade KVM-based SmartX Elf
    Agile Deployment
    Hyperconverged mode as well as split 3 tier mode, pooled storage for VMs and traditional workloads
    Uninterrupted Scaling
    Scale seamlessly without affecting end users
    Multi File Protocol Support
    Support NFS and iSCSI
    Integrated with OpenStack and extendable to multiple cloud platforms through Open API
  • Data Security

    Failure proof operations for critical applications
    Instantaneous, distributed data recovery at the speed of light after hiccups
    Continuous Checksum
    Multiple checkpoints in data management lifecycle to ensure data integrity
    Smart replication
    Secure data backups through strategic replication at variable multiples (2x, 3x etc)
  • Virtualization

    VM Management
    Create and manage virtual machines at scale effortlessly
    VM Cloning
    Clone and mass-deploy VMs to petabyte scale in rapid fashion
    High Availability
    Enjoy controlled, deterministic performance with our proven High Availability feature
    Scheduled Snapshotting
    Intelligent surveillance through designated snapshotting for true real-time visibility
  • Networking

    Network Reliability
    Highly resilient systems through distributed virtual switching. Move around your network at local speeds
    Broadcast Domains
    VLAN support for private, disaggregated networks to cut through the chatter
  • Control at Scale

    Cluster Management
    One-click scaling and continuous monitoring for unmatched operational efficiency
    Cluster Performance Monitoring
    Global anomaly detection and custom alerts for self-driving storage
    Task Management
    Machine intelligent task planning and execution through predictive analytics and telemetry

Hardware and Software in True Convergence

  • Custom x86 hardware leveraging the latest SOLID STATE FLASH comes preinstalled with SmartX Halo,
    Install and deploy on the spot

  • Optimized for tier 1 virtual workloads
  • Tailored hardware to match our next-generation software,
    Substantially reduced datacenter footprint for radically lower energy billing
SmartX Halo 100
SmartX Halo 200
SmartX Halo 400
Form factor2U2U2U
Node count124
Power supplyhot pluggable redundant power supply / 1000 W (220 V)shared redundant power supply / 1280 W (220 V)shared redundant power supply / 1620 W (220 V)
Power supply1000 W (220 V)1280 W (220 V)1620 W (220 V)
Dimensions43.7cm x 8.9cm x 72.3cm43.8cm x 8.8cm x 72.4cm43.8cm x 8.8cm x 67.9cm
Per node
CPU2 x intel E5-2600-v3 or 2 x intel E5-2600-v42 x intel E5-2600-v3 or 2 x intel E5-2600-v42 x intel E5-2600-v3 or 2 x intel E5-2600-v4
Memory32 GB ~ 1 TB32 GB ~ 1 TB32 GB ~ 1.5 TB
HDDSeagate Enterprise 6 x 2 TB or 6 x 4 TBSeagate Enterprise 4 x 2 TB or 4 x 4 TBSeagate Enterprise 4 x 1 TB or 4 x 2 TB
SSDintel SSD S3710 2 x 800 GB or 2 x 1.2 TB; 4 x 800 GB or 4 x 1.2 TBintel SSD S3710 2 x 400 GB or 2 x 800 GB or 2 x 1.2 TBintel SSD S3710 2 x 200 GB or 2 x 400 GB or 2 x 800 GB
Network2 x 10 GbE, 2 x 1 GbE2 x 10 GbE, 2 x 1 GbE2 x 10 GbE, 2 x 1 GbE

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