Effortlessly Access Enterprise-Grade Distributed File Storage in Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.
SmartX's enterprise cloud includes a built-in distributed file storage component, making it easy and efficient for users to store and manage unstructured data like text, images, and videos. It provides stable, high-performance, and scalable enterprise-grade file storage services for various workloads.
Why SMTX File Storage
Use Cases
Why SMTX File Storage?
Cost Reduction. There is no need to purchase separate enterprise NAS storage with SmartX's enterprise cloud capabilities.
Simplicity. The unified management platform of the hyper-converged system offers easy-to-use operational features and a consistent management experience, with one-click deployment, upgrades, and horizontal scaling.
On-Demand Expansion. The file system and distributed file controllers can be expanded online based on capacity and performance requirements.
Reliability and High Availability. Production-grade high availability features ensure business continuity and data reliability, handling issues like file controller failures, hard drive failures, and node or rack failures.
High Performance. By leveraging the hyper-converged architecture, metadata, and file access I/O are localized, improving file access and retrieval performance.

Data High Availability and Business Continuity Assurance

​​Production-grade high availability features from rack, node, to hard disk level.
Data redundancy mechanism between physical nodes, supporting two or three replicas.
Ensures high availability for client access through file access IP HA switching.

Multi-Level Performance Optimization

Files are prioritized to local file controllers to optimize access performance.Multiple file controller gateways ensure linear performance growth with horizontal scaling.

Enterprise Features

NFS authentication manages client and user permissions for the file system and files.

Simple and Flexible Operations Management

Supports managing multiple file storage clusters on a single platform.
Provides one-click deployment, upgrade, and horizontal expansion of file storage clusters.Supports online expansion of file systems.
Use Cases
PACS Image Resource Pool
The SmartX Enterprise Cloud Platform provides high-performance storage for recent medical images and balanced storage for long-term images. Applications can flexibly allocate resources, utilizing GPU passthrough and sharing for intelligent analysis. This simpler architecture improves data efficiency, reduces costs, and boosts operational efficiency, maximizing IT cost-effectiveness.
SMTX File Storage Release Notes
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