Feature Specifications
Cluster spec and services
Maximum number of file storage controllers per file storage cluster
Maximum number of file systems per file storage cluster
16*n/(n+1), rounded down.

(n = number of file storage controllers)
Maximum storage capacity per file system
1 PiB
Commercial support
File storage services
Supported protocol
Supported redundancy policy
File storage controller QoS
Online/offline status control for file systems
Default client access configuration
NFS authentication
NFS user mapping (Squash)
Custom anonymous user ID and group ID
Operations and maintenance
One-click deployment and upgrade
Online scale-out
High availability of file storage controllers
1. The number of file storage controllers should not exceed the number of nodes in the SMTX OS or SMTX ZBS cluster where the file storage cluster is deployed.
2. The support for the HDFS protocol is a preview feature in SFS 1.0.