Besunyen Holdings Company Limited (Besunyen), one leader in China’s health tea industry, has 17 years of history of deploying IT systems. However, its outdated IT systems could no longer support its rapid business growth.

Since the second half of 2016, Besunyen launched the most significant upgrade of its IT systems ever taken in its history. The biggest challenges this upgrade faced came from not only the application layer but also from the associated costs and the maintenance that could get more complex. After repetitive comprehensive POCs Besunyen finally chose SmartX’s HCI as the base of its new generation IT systems.

1 week

migrated multiple business systems.

1 - 3 fewer

O&M headcounts.

Cut by 30%

costs of procurement.

SmartX helps Besunyen build a web-scale data center.
"SmartX helps Besunyen build a web-scale data center."

We did not understand or accept HCI at the beginning, but later we firmly turned to HCI. From our experience with HCI over the past three months, we are convinced that HCI is the only basic platform that fits our business model and way of doing things in the foreseeable future.

-- ZHANG Jun, VP of Besunyen