As an all-around rail transit control system integrator, Casco Signal Ltd. has been investing no less than 10% of its annual sales in R&D since its founding in 1986, to ensure continuous innovation in the field of rail transit control systems. Currently, Casco has more than 2,000 employees, with 27% of them being R&D staff. For the security of core R&D assets, Casco built a private cloud based on the Citrix platform in 2013. Due to the expansion of the company and the increase in R&D demand, the current infrastructure is confronted with multiple challenges.

Your Safety, Our Priority - this is not just our commitment to customers, but also our criteria for choosing partners. SmartX’s hyperconverged solution and its professional service team have helped us overcome performance, efficiency, and operation & maintenance challenges on virtual desktops, and constantly improve the R&D and delivery of rail transit systems. Going forward, we will expand the deployment of SmartX clusters to support more high-performance virtual desktop and production applications.

Zhu Suoming, Manager of Digital Technology, Casco


Unable to improve the performance of the development environment, resulting in slow code compilation; some high-performance development tools cannot be used, which compromises development efficiency.

Unable to upgrade and expand the existing hardware equipment, the malfunction rate keeps increasing, failing to meet the requirement of business continuity.

3-node SMTX Halo Appliance supports close to 100 high-performance R&D virtual terminals
Scalable desktop, quick response to growing business demand
Notably reduced compilation time, up to 80% and minimum 20%
In multiple desktop login tests, login time was reduced by 15%-56%.