Shenhe Thermo- Magnetics Electronics Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ferrotec of Japan. FTS focuses on manufacturing electronic circuits, cooling materials, semiconductor thermoelectric and insulators.

SmartX HCI MultiActive Cluster solution introduced high availability capability to our MES services, effectively ensuring our production. In the future, we will further migrate more mission critical production systems to SmartX HCI platform.

Director of IT Department, Shanghai Shenhe Thermo-Magnetics Electronics Co., Ltd., Shen Jianfeng


The existing infrastructure has no disaster recovery capabilities and has become the single-point of failure to MES and other mission-critical production systems

The aging production servers creates stability and performance issues

SMTX OS MultiActive Cluster operates in a minimum scale of 6 nodes
Performance increase on MES, ERP, OA and other mission-critical systems with SmartX HCI architecture
MultiActive Cluster supports Oracle RAC online failover between sites
RPO = 0
MES high availability RTO ≈ 0
1 Day
SmartX MultiActive Cluster deployment completed in one day
MES performance increased
Total cost decreased of ownership