Shenzhen Xinxin Finance Co., Ltd. (Xinxin Finance) is a financial services company focusing on financial information consulting, investment management, and related computer network technologies. As an Internet financial start-up, the fast-growing Xinxin Finance is striving to encourage innovations while constantly seeking a more efficient growth pattern.

At its inception, Xinxin Finance was eager to set up its various IT production systems (loaning, SAS ETL analysis, mobile marketing and clients) as quickly as possible, but to guarantee performance and reliability was a challenge. Easy deployment, maintenance, scaling and low upfront investment were all the factors that had to be taken into account when selecting a new IT infrastructure vendor.

4 times

scaling out to meet business needs.

Saved 90%

rack space.

Lowered 50% +


1 day

completed deployment.

SmartX Halo Appliance enabled us to deploy all applications within just two weeks, which gave us more time for pressure testing. The cost was only about half of our original budget. The flexibility of HCI has allowed us to scale quickly several times our cluster in order to cope with the exponential growth. In addition, the performance has also grown linearly. Flexible scalability and easy maintenance brought by HCI allowed start-ups like us to shift more of our attention from IT infrastructure setup and maintenance to our core businesses.

-- LI Jiehui, Head of IT Operations, Shenzhen Xinxin Finance Co., Ltd.