In recent years, the business scale of Yingda Asset Management has grown 54 times, from 1.8 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan. Its growth speed ranks first in the industry in China.

With the expansion in business scale and launch of new business products, Yingda Asset Management has innovatively upgraded the IT infrastructure of the production data center and disaster recovery data center through hyperconvergence, giving effective support to business ranging from general production to core production. While ensuring the user experience of quality services and meeting the internal business demands, the upgraded infrastructure provides lower total cost of ownership and higher agility than traditional infrastructure.

For this reason, we invited Xia Yan, Vice President of the Internet Finance Department of Yingda Asset Management, to share Yingda’s perspectives and practices on the upgrade of IT infrastructure.

Thanks to the flexibility and convenience of the hyperconverged architecture, we are able to support the launch, distribution, deployment, operation, disaster recovery and disaster tolerance of so many business products with just a few people.
We have been working with SmartX for more than three years, and we trust each other; SmartX’s all-around services have attended to all our needs.”

Xia Yan, Vice President of the Internet Finance Department of Yingda Asset Management

Mission-critical systems (O3, TA, valuation, clearing, and online trading), core databases (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL)