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A SMTX OS cluster consists of at least three nodes interconnected via the high-speed Ethernet network, and each node refers to a physical server that runs SMTX OS.

SMTX OS Community Edition allows a maximum of three nodes to be deployed in a cluster. It is recommended that you deploy three nodes in a cluster to fully experience all the features and functionality of SMTX OS. If you choose to deploy one or two nodes, this will only enable a limited number of features and functions.

Before installing and deploying SMTX OS, you need to understand how networking works in SMTX OS and configure networks accordingly.

You will manage the SMTX OS cluster via CloudTower. If CloudTower is already installed in the current cluster environment, you can directly associate the newly deployed SMTX OS cluster with CloudTower. If CloudTower is not installed, you need to install it and associate it with the SMTX OS cluster.

As the network & security product of SmartX, Everoute implements micro-segmentation based on the zero-trust network model to provide fine-grained security policies for virtual networks in enterprise-level data centers. You can install and deploy Everoute to enable network security functions. Note that Everoute will be able to provide services only when you have associated SMTX OS with CloudTower.