Feature Specifications

Configuration and services
Max number of cluster
Max number of host
Support and maintenance
Deployment and initial setting
CloudTower deployment by empty VM
Account initial setting for “Super Admin” and “Organization”
Data center object create, edit and delete
Cluster object add and remove
Computing management
VM lifecycle management
VM status management
Hot adding and setting for vCPU, vRAM, vNIC and vDisk of VM
VM snapshot
VM template
VM high-availability
Performance monitoring for VM
VM tools
Storage management
Manage for iSCSI target and lun
Manage for NFS export and file
Network Management
Distributed virtual switch
VLAN support for management, storage and VM service networks
Hardware management
Server information and status, performance monitoring
Disk information and status
Mount and unmount disk by GUI
Network adapter information and status
Operations and maintenance
Alerting and policy settings
Alerting by email
User-defined monitoring view and charts
Advanced monitoring
Log collection
VM resources optimization
Resource information export
Task center
Upgrade center
Global search and filter for resources
Cluster configurations for cluster name, IPMI, NTP, VIP
Account management
Create, edit and delete for “Admin” and “Read-only user”
Change password
License management
Manage for license of cluster
Manage for license of CloudTower