Feature Specifications

Basic Edition
Enterprise Edition
Resource Specifications and Services
Maximum number of clusters
Maximum number of hosts
Commercial service support
Installation, Deployment, and Initialization
Install CloudTower through installer
System initialization
Data center management
Cluster management
Compute Management
Virtual machine lifecycle management
Virtual machine state management
Configuration and hot add of vCPU, memory, NIC, virtual machine disk
Virtual machine snapshot
Virtual machine template
Virtual machine group
Virtual machine high availability
Virtual machine performance monitoring
Virtual machine I/O speed limit
Virtual machine placement group
Configure virtual machine through cloud-init
Storage Management
iSCSI Target and LUN management
NFS Export and File management
NVMe Subsystem and Namespace management
Consistency group and Consistency snapshot group management
Network Management
Virtual distributed switch
Management, storage, and virtual machine network based on vLAN
Hardware Management
Basic server information display and performance monitoring
Rack, chassis and host topologies
Appliance hard disk locating and display
Basic physical hard disk information display
Mount/unmount physical hard disk through GUI
Physical NIC information display
USB Pass-through
Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Management
Alert and alert rule
Alert email notice or Alert notice by email
Custom monitoring view and graph
Advanced monitoring
Log collection
Virtual machine resource optimization
Resource report export
Task center
Add host
Managed cluster upgrade
Scheduled snapshot
MetroX cluster management
Global fuzzy search and filtering of resource
Managed cluster configuration: cluster name, IPMI, NTP, VIP, etc.
Event audut
Network and Security Management
Number of clusters that can be associated or Number of associable clusters
Maximum total number of hosts
Everoute service operation & maintenance (O&M) management
Everoute service association management
Global default security policy
Network security policy
Virtual machine quarantine
User Management
Basic information management
Role management
License Management
Managed cluster license management
CloudTower license management
SMTX OS network and security license management