SmartX Releases Upgraded HCI for Modern IT Infrastructure

SmartX, a modern IT infrastructure innovator, has released the newly upgraded SmartX HCI – a hyperconverged infrastructure product portfolio that includes core software SMTX OS, management platform CloudTower, and HCI appliance SMTX Halo. The upgrades include new features to provide optimized performance, security, and management simplicity. With upgraded SmartX HCI, customers can embrace more efficient IT infrastructure while saving up to 50% on costs and focusing on their business priorities.

SmartX Releases CloudTower 2.0: Enhances Simplicity and Security for Operations & Maintenance

SmartX has released CloudTower 2.0, a central management platform for multiple clusters across data centers. CloudTower is a crucial member of the SmartX HCI product portfolio, providing visibility and easy management across all HCI clusters. With new features including cross-cluster VM migration, content library, VM user view, access control and security settings, and an optimized interface, CloudTower 2.0 has improved the efficiency, security, and user experience for operations and maintenance.

Hyperconvergence: A CIO’s Secret of Hospital Digital Transformation

Foshan Women and Children Hospital is the first Grade 3A maternity and child health hospital in Foshan city of China. It has a long and well-earned reputation for women’s and children’s healthcare. In 2011, the hospital successfully carried out the first open fetal surgery in Asia. By 2019, the hospital ranked 21st among its counterpart hospitals in China. Now it has been developed into a large hospital with three branches.

How to achieve seamless and zero-downtime upgrade of IT infrastructure software and hardware?

As anyone who has worked as an IT infrastructure administrator knows, upgrades of software, hardware, and patches can always be nightmares. This is because IT infrastructure upgrades may incur unexpected problems and cause system outages, which can be a catastrophe to critical business — with a massive loss not limited to revenue and reputation. So most companies would avoid upgrading their IT infrastructure too often. 

Yingda Asset Management: From 1.8bn to 100bn, the innovative IT infrastructure behind a booming business

In recent years, the business scale of Yingda Asset Management has grown 54 times, from 1.8 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan. The secret of Yinda’s success lies in the SmartX HCI which supports its production data center and disaster recovery data center. We invited Xia Yan, Vice President of the Internet Finance Department of Yingda Asset Management, to share Yingda’s perspectives and practices on the upgrade of IT infrastructure.

SmartX Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

October 13, 2021,​​ LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Today at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, CNCF announced that SmartX has joined as a silver member to continuously contribute to the development of cloud native technologies. With our leading cloud native storage product IOMesh as a foundation, SmartX will accelerate the development of a series of technologies including containers as well as cloud native storage and network.

Outperforming Peer Products, IOMesh Takes Cloud Native Storage to the Next Level

Preview version of IOMesh, a cloud-native storage product specifically designed and developed for Kubernetes, was released today. Committed to accelerating the containerization journey of stateful applications such as databases, IOMesh possesses cloud-native characteristics including containerized deployment, automatic operation, declarative APIs, and demonstrates excellent performance: in TPC-C MySQL test under the same hardware conditions and test parameters, IOMesh achieved TPS 2.81 times that of Portworx.

SmartX Upgrades SMTX ZBS to Boost Storage Performance for Mission-Critical Applications

SmartX releases the newest version of SMTX ZBS (v5.0.0), an upgrade of its leading distributed block storage product. With significantly enriched functionality and improved performance, SMTX ZBS provides more stable, performant, and reliable storage services for third-party computing platforms, helping enterprises to build a strong IT infrastructure to support mission-critical applications.

Gartner Acknowledges SmartX’s Competitive Diffentiation for its Indigenous Core Technologies and Production Readiness

Recently, leading HyperConverged Infrastructure (HCI) and distributed block storage solution provider SmartX has been recognized by Gartner as one of the most distinctive companies to drive the digital infrastructure revolution in its latest report “Competitive Landscape: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, China”. The report highlights two competitive edges that differentiate SmartX from industry peers, which are “full control of its core technologies” and “production readiness”.

SmartX ZBS CSI Driver Officially Merged on K8s Drivers List

SmartX announced that the Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver of its distributed storage platform SMTX ZBS has been added on Kubernetes CSI production drivers list so as to integrate block storage system with Kubernetes containerized environment. Enterprise users can not only leverage SMTX ZBS to build private cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure system, but also introduce persistent storage into stateful applications on Kubernetes.

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