With the introduction of SmartX HCI 5.1, our HCI portfolio has evolved into a full-stack solution that provides unified computing, storage, network, management, network & security support for virtualized and containerized applications in production environments.

In this article, we will delve into key feature upgrades and new components of SmartX HCI 5.1, unveiling their potential to drive business value. 

SMTX OS: Enhanced Reliability and High-Performance Application Support

GPU Passthrough & vGPU

To maximize GPU utilization, many enterprises choose to virtualize GPUs or use them in virtualization (including HCI). But how can we fully leverage GPU’s capabilities on virtualized IT infrastructure? And how can we provide stable, high-performance storage as well as compute resources for various GPU applications with an integrated IT infrastructure? To help users address these challenges, SmartX has introduced GPU passthrough and vGPU features in the upgraded HCI software SMTX OS 5.1. >>Learn more

Innovated DRS Strategy

Unlike VMware 6.x and other mainstream virtualization platforms, SMTX OS enhances DRS implementation with an innovative scoring system, which can fully adapt to the containerized environment, improving resource utilization and O&M efficiency. >>Learn more

PCI Pass-through

To facilitate users in leveraging network virtualization, SmartX has introduced PCI NIC pass-through capability in SMTX OS 5.1. This feature, combined with the SR-IOV pass-through and virtual NIC capabilities supported in previous versions, enables ELF users to select the most suitable options based on their requirements for network performance, network isolation, and cost efficiency in various use cases, including futures trading, HPC, and more. >>Learn more

Enhanced Multi-replica Strategy 

Mainstream multi-replica strategy cannot avoid the risk of data loss during the replica recovery process. To address this challenge, SmartX HCI 5.1 introduces the innovative “temporary replica” strategy. This strategy prevents the degradation of replica numbers during the replica restoration process, enhances the security of storage data, and strengthens the stability of core business services. >>Learn more

Everoute: Improving Virtual Network Security, Performance and Visualized Management

Software-defined Load Balancing

To address the dynamic nature of data traffic in virtualization, SmartX introduces Everoute 2.0, a network and security product with an upgraded software-defined network load balancing feature. This feature enhances application performance and availability, offering unified support for both virtual machines (VMs) and containers running on SmartX HCI (ELF) clusters. >>Learn more

Network Visualization

To enhance data security and simplify IT O&M, SmartX introduced the Network Visualization functionality. This functionality can visualize VM-VM, VM-host, and host-host network in the cluster, allowing O&M engineers to gain a comprehensive understanding of virtual network traffic status. >>Learn more

SMTX Kubernetes Service (SKS): One-Stop Solution to Build Production-Ready Kubernetes Clusters

By integrating industry-leading components such as SmartX virtualization, distributed storage, and networking and security, SKS, now a CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution, enables IT teams to effortlessly deploy and manage enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters. >>Learn more

SMTX CloudMove: Supporting Multiple Migration Scenarios

While SMTX Migration Tool supports v2v migration, SMTX CloudMove allows users to migrate VMs or physical machines from VMware vSphere or cloud hosts to ELF virtualization platform.

For more information on SmartX HCI 5.1, please visit our website or refer to SmartX HCI Product Portfolio Brief.

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