Make IT Simple

SmartX builds powerful and simple-to-use computing and data infrastructures, elevating IT to focus on application and innovations that power their business.

We provide SMTX OS — an HCI platform software (software-only delivery supported) to help businesses of all sizes build agile and efficient modern data centers.

We offer HCI solutions tailored for various use scenarios and workloads in financial services, manufacturing, government, healthcare and so on.

Powerful computing and data infrastructure will empower every innovation in the human race

Today, many companies are using complex and overpriced computing and storage architectures that have not fundamentally changed over the past two decades, which could slow down the pace of innovation and development.

To reshape IT infrastructure, SmartX has developed the most advanced software-defined data center architectures that take advantage of the latest hardware trends in order to help enterprise build faster, more scalable, and more flexible data centers for the future.

SmartX continues to advance this vision by helping companies leverage their resources to the fullest and then bring more possibilities to business innovation.

Creating a rock-solid IT infrastructure

We know that only by making the best products, we can make an impact in the field we work in.

To approach our ideal IT infrastructure, we invest our attention, diligence, and then let time do the magic. During this process, we go through countless trials and errors, and sometimes we have to start over again. That is how inspiration and innovation work wonders here.

IT infrastructure must run constantly and stably like water and electricity. To create such an infrastructure it requires more than perseverance and courage. Our unique values have attracted passionate people dedicated to this cause.

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SmartX Values

Customer obsession

Highly integrity

Extreme ownership

Bias for action

Think big and dive deep

Keep an open mind

Long-term investment

Make an impact