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Who We Are
Our Journey
SmartX by the Numbers
What We Do
SmartX builds powerful and easy-to-use computing and data infrastructures, elevating IT to help our customers focus on applications and innovations that power their businesses.
Core Products
SmartX provides hyperconvergence, distributed storage, network and security, Kubernetes management, and other various product portfolios to help customers build enterprise cloud infrastructure. Our products bring simplicity, agility, resilience, and flexibility to the infrastructure, supporting mission-critical applications as well as modern applications. Deployed in data centers, branch offices, and edge locations, SmartX products can reduce TCO and boost efficiency, accelerating business innovation and digital transformation.
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Customer Stories
SmartX works closely with industries that heavily rely on IT infrastructure, such as financial services, manufacturing, and healthcare. Our products and services are helping worldwide customers tackle the challenges of IT infrastructure modernization, including Foxconn, Bank of Communications, Taikang Life Insurance, Guotai Junan Securities, BOE, Gree, Meizu, Cafe24, ConnectWave, Shinsegae, and other industry leaders.
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Who We Are
SmartX was founded by a group of computer systems engineers and architects. Since then, it has been attracting similar professionals who are devoted to creation and seek the extraordinary.
A lot of computer systems engineers and architects look up to tech pioneers like Alan Mathison Turing and John von Neumann.

A lot of computer systems engineers and architects look up to tech pioneers like Alan Mathison Turing and John von Neumann1.

Our Values
Like water and power supplies in everyday life, IT infrastructure and its stability are critical to our modern businesses. Building a resilient infrastructure requires more perseverance and courage.
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Customer Obsession. Focus on customer needs. Prioritize quality. Exceed expectations.
High Integrity. Walk the talk. Keep promises.
Extreme Ownership. Results-driven. Focus on team success. Mutually empowering.
Dive Deep. Get to the bottom of every detail.
Push the Limits. Do what others can't do. Embrace challenges.
Open Mindset. Willing to share. Actively learn. Embrace change. Seek truth from facts.
Long-Termism. Long-term thinking. Continuous accumulation. Perseverance.
Make An Impact. Deliver game-changing results for the industry.
Our People
At SmartX, we value every passionate, courageous and innovative talent. Together, we create outstanding products, services, and marketing, and through innovative and continuous improvement processes, we shape SmartX's character and soul.
Engineers in Shanghai office during a meeting.
Engineers in Shanghai office during a meeting.
Our Journey
SmartX was founded with the goal of continuously innovating in the computer systems field, and to empower human innovation.
"Hello, World!": The Journey of Disruption Begins
"Driving the world's operations and innovation through computer systems is an immensely captivating pursuit. Perhaps influenced by sci-fi films about robots since childhood and later by the classic hacker spirit, we are deeply passionate about writing software to drive hardware and enable seamless collaboration between them, serving the real world. By starting a company, we can maximize our thinking and creativity in this field that we are so passionate about and have a significant impact on the world."

―SmartX Co-Founders
Investors Support
Completed multiple rounds of funding with participation from top-tier venture capital firms.
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Introducing: Make IT Simple.
Released multiple products including HCI, distributed storage, Kubernetes service, and more.
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Analysts Recognition
Received recognition from analyst firms including Gartner®, IDC, Forrester, and GigaOm.
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SmartX by the Numbers
Why SmartX?
Asia/Pacific Customer’s Choice
in the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software.
Market Share in HCI Software Market
in China HCI SW Certified System Market Segment according to IDC Tracker.
Nodes deployed
Storage managed
Production systems
Repurchase rate in 3 years
What Analysts Say
“SmartX has successfully established product competitiveness in reliability and performance.”
Market Guide for Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software, 2024
Competitive Landscape: Chinese HCI Large, Specialist, and Crossover Vendors, 2022
SmartX ranks 1st in China HCI certified system market with 23.5% market share in 2023.
IDC China Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Market Overview, 2023 Q4
“The enterprise HCI market is quite mature with only a single new entrant. SmartX makes an appearance in the left field with a good solution for a specific, non-U.S. market.”
GigaOm Radar for Hyperconverged Infrastructures: Enterprise Deployments, 2021
“SmartX offers a general-purpose platform where any domain application can be built, with a focus on the APAC and EMEA markets and the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.”
The Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Landscape, Q2 2023
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