Forrester has recently released its report “The Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Landscape, Q2 2023,” which evaluates 20 vendors in the market. SmartX is included in this report as one of the notable vendors, alongside other leading vendors including Nutanix, VMware, Microsoft, and Sangfor.

SmartX was included in “Now Tech: Hyperconverged Infrastructure, Q2 2020” among 21 notable vendors as well, with highlights on its strong financial customer base. This new HCI landscape report once again provides technology leaders with an overview of the benefits of HCI solutions and guides them in selecting the most suitable vendor. According to Forrester, HCI is a comprehensive solution to integrate servers, storage, and reconfigure assets across cloud, local, and remote environments, offering significant business value by simplifying operations and maintenance while enabling flexible scaling. 

As the HCI market continues to mature, it has become increasingly competitive, with many vendors offering various functionalities. Forrester selected 20 notable vendors and grouped them into three revenue categories (large, medium, and small), evaluating their geographic and industry focus, use cases, functions, and development trends. 

SmartX is among the medium-sized vendors, offering a general-purpose platform where any domain application can be built, with a focus on the APAC and EMEA markets and the financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. The SmartX HCI solution is most highlighted in cost management and resource utilization, with a wide range of use cases in IT operations simplification, mission-critical application infrastructure, private cloud deployment, disaster recovery and migration, remote office and edge deployment, etc. 

SmartX is committed to providing a more cost-effective HCI solution that delivers the same performance and functionalities as VMware and Nutanix, allowing customers to embrace HCI and save up to 50% on costs with proven reliability, ease of deployment and management, unrivaled scalability, and desirable cost-performance.

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