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Boosting Oracle Data Warehouse Batch Processing Performance with SmartX HCI

Hyperconvergence (HCI) has gained increasing recognition among customers due to its software-defined architecture and integrated deployment. As a result, HCI’s application scenarios have gradually expanded to encompass most production services. However, questions remain as to whether HCI is capable of supporting mission-critical applications such as databases. To address this issue, in this article, we will discuss how SmartX HCI optimizes Oracle data warehouse batch processing performance with compelling test results.

SmartX Releases SKS 1.0, Offering One-Stop Solution to Build Production-Ready Kubernetes Clusters

SmartX today releases SKS 1.0, to help I&O teams easily deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters. This new product preloads commonly-used Kubernetes addons and integrates industry-leading SmartX hyper-converged product components (including virtualization, distributed storage, networking and security, etc.), to build a complete enterprise cloud infrastructure that can support both virtualized and containerized applications.

Caida Securities: Transforms IT Infra to Meet Service Agility and Stability Demands with SmartX HCI [Interview]

As a leading securities company in China, Caida Securities has always insisted on empowering its business with innovative technologies. Notably, in recent years, Caida Securities has maintained its position at the forefront of digital transformation by transforming its IT infrastructure with SmartX HCI, catering to the ever-evolving demands of business agility and stability. In this interview, Jingmin Xie, CIO of Caida Securities, sheds light on the remarkable progress achieved by the company in IT modernization.

Three Manufacturing Customers Share Their Insights on SmartX HCI Disaster Recovery Solutions

Key systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning System) and MES (Manufacturing Execution System) are critical to modern manufacturing enterprises as they have direct impacts on production, manufacturing, warehousing, and other core businesses. To ensure the continuity of core businesses, many enterprises implement disaster recovery (DR) to achieve zero RPO and minute-level RTO.

Baosight: IT Infra Upgrade Driven by SmartX HCI and Distributed Storage

China Baowu (Baosight’s controlling company) uses SmartX HCI to support IT systems in multiple newly built steel mills that are managed centrally by the Shanghai headquarters. The deployment of HCI clusters completed within a week. Each factory has deployed 4 to 6 nodes to support core production service systems including ERP and MES. The group also gradually replaced their SAN storage with SmartX distributed storage ZBS to support general and critical applications.

Founder Fubon Fund: Database Disaster Recovery and Storage Resource Pool with SmartX HCI

Founder Fubon Fund is the first cross-strait joint venture fund management company approved by China Securities Regulatory Commission. The company previously adopted traditional virtualization architecture to support its business systems, resulting in the frequent occurrence of storage system single points of failure. In addition, the company’s DR (disaster recovery) plan for the data center was quite complicated, with databases of CC, risk control and valuation systems running on physical servers in a cluster of multiple database instances. Also, as the company had been using EMC VNX 5600 with hybrid storage for a long period of time, the configuration was relatively outdated and the performance did not match business needs.

SmartX x Lyniate Rhapsody: Boost Healthcare Integration Engine’s Performance on HCI Platform

Recently, collaborating with Lyniate, SmartX tested the messaging capability of Rhapsody, a healthcare integration engine, on the hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI). After processing more than 3 billion messages, we got impressive results that Rhapsody’s messaging capability boosted by HCI could totally meet the requirement of most Chinese Grade 3A comprehensive hospitals, with the messaging efficiency 5-10 times of that in the production environment.

Hyperconvergence: A CIO’s Secret of Hospital Digital Transformation

Foshan Women and Children Hospital is the first Grade 3A maternity and child health hospital in Foshan city of China. It has a long and well-earned reputation for women’s and children’s healthcare. In 2011, the hospital successfully carried out the first open fetal surgery in Asia. By 2019, the hospital ranked 21st among its counterpart hospitals in China. Now it has been developed into a large hospital with three branches.

Yingda Asset Management: From 1.8bn to 100bn, the innovative IT infrastructure behind a booming business

In recent years, the business scale of Yingda Asset Management has grown 54 times, from 1.8 billion yuan to 100 billion yuan. The secret of Yinda’s success lies in the SmartX HCI which supports its production data center and disaster recovery data center. We invited Xia Yan, Vice President of the Internet Finance Department of Yingda Asset Management, to share Yingda’s perspectives and practices on the upgrade of IT infrastructure.

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