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Reuse Existing Devices with SmartX HCI: 4 Customers Achieve IT Infra Transformation at a Lower Cost

When businesses upgrade their IT infrastructure to hyperconvergence (HCI), they often hope to cut costs and improve resource utilization by repurposing existing hardware devices like servers. However, this can be challenging in practice as the selected HCI product may not be compatible with the existing hardware or may only be available in a packaged hardware form. Another challenge is managing both legacy and new hardware devices in a unified manner.

Exploring the Architecture of ZBS – How NVMe-oF Boosts Storage Performance

In the article “Exploring the Architecture of ZBS – SmartX Distributed Block Storage”, we explained the communication between the Access (data access component) and the Meta (management component) in ZBS when I/O occurs. This is the latter part of the I/O path.
In this article, we will focus on the former part, i.e., the access protocol layer for communication between the computation side and ZBS. We will first evaluate different access protocols and explain the design and implementation of NVMe-oF in ZBS, and then provide test data of ZBS performance based on different access protocols.

3 Comparisons Disclosing How SmartX HCI Outperforms VMware HCI

Users of VMware vSAN may experience issues such as high latency, cache breakdown, and performance degradation. While many factors can contribute to these problems, the design of storage architecture (e.g., I/O path and cache) plays a critical role. If you are troubled in the same way and seeking to upgrade your legacy IT infrastructure, here are some articles that can help you understand how vSAN works and how SmartX, with modernized HCI, can improve cluster performance and make IT simple.

Automatic Data Recovery Policy: Stabilizing Application Performance While Accelerating Data Recovery

As far as we know, the ultimate performance of a distributed storage cluster is physically decided by its hardware configuration. However, if unexpectable problems such as hard disk and node failures happen and trigger the data recovery during business rush hours, users may find themselves facing a hard choice: which should be the priority, accelerating data recovery or optimizing business performance?

Unprecedented Scalability: Explore SmartX HCI’s Flexible Scale-out Options

Due to the limitation of centralized storage, it’s usually difficult and risky for the IT infrastructure based on legacy virtualization architecture to scale out. Hyperconvergence, on the contrary, enables flexible expansion and on-demand investment as it streamlines the architecture by converging compute virtualization and distributed storage. This is one of the most critical reasons why more enterprises are turning to HCI.

How to achieve seamless and zero-downtime upgrade of IT infrastructure software and hardware?

As anyone who has worked as an IT infrastructure administrator knows, upgrades of software, hardware, and patches can always be nightmares. This is because IT infrastructure upgrades may incur unexpected problems and cause system outages, which can be a catastrophe to critical business — with a massive loss not limited to revenue and reputation. So most companies would avoid upgrading their IT infrastructure too often. 

Outperforming Peer Products, IOMesh Takes Cloud Native Storage to the Next Level

Preview version of IOMesh, a cloud-native storage product specifically designed and developed for Kubernetes, was released today. Committed to accelerating the containerization journey of stateful applications such as databases, IOMesh possesses cloud-native characteristics including containerized deployment, automatic operation, declarative APIs, and demonstrates excellent performance: in TPC-C MySQL test under the same hardware conditions and test parameters, IOMesh achieved TPS 2.81 times that of Portworx.

SmartX ZBS CSI Driver Officially Merged on K8s Drivers List

SmartX announced that the Container Storage Interface (CSI) driver of its distributed storage platform SMTX ZBS has been added on Kubernetes CSI production drivers list so as to integrate block storage system with Kubernetes containerized environment. Enterprise users can not only leverage SMTX ZBS to build private cloud and hyper-converged infrastructure system, but also introduce persistent storage into stateful applications on Kubernetes.

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