SmartX HCI, the full-stack HCI for both virtualized and containerized applications in production, announced earlier its new version 5.1. If you’re interested in the new features and demos, don’t miss out on our online webinar next week! >>Register Now!


Online Webinar (on SmartX YouTube Channel)

SmartX HCI 5.1 Introduction and Demo: Full Stack HCI for Both Virtualized and Containerized Apps in Production


November 8, 14:30 (China Standard Time)


  • Product introduction by Edward Wu, Head of Product, SmartX.
  • Key features demo by Muyuan Tian, Sales Engineer, SmartX.
  • Discuss with SmartX engineers and users on Slack!

How to Attend

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  3. We also invite you to join us on Slack for webinar discussion, Q&A and material sharing.

To learn more about SmartX HCI, please visit our website and read the previous blog.

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