BEIJING, China, Sep. 16, 2022 – Today, SmartX releases SMTX Backup & Recovery, a new product that provides backup and recovery solutions and enterprise-level data protection for data center workloads running on SmartX IT infrastructure (including SmartX HCI). SMTX Backup & Recovery 1.0 focuses on backing up virtual machines running on SmartX native ELF virtualization platform, to external NAS servers.

With SMTX Backup & Recovery, SmartX has enriched its backup and disaster recovery solutions, allowing customers using SmartX Native Hypervisor ELF to freely select Active-Active Clustering, Asynchronous Replication, and Backup to suit their data protection strategies for different applications.

SMTX Backup & Recovery is SmartX native and agentless, with one-platform centralized management from CloudTower, and offers flexible backup options. 

Watch the video to learn more about product features, use cases, architecture, and how to deploy and use the product.


  1. SmartX Native, Agentless: No need to install an agent; No impact on VM performance during backup; Compatible with mainstream OS.
  2. One Platform, Centralized Management: Manage all backup and virtualized resources with CloudTower; Execution records at a glance; One click to deploy or upgrade.
  3. Flexible Backup & Recovery Options: Full or incremental backup; Keep restore points by day or number; Restore VM to the original or new location.

Use Cases

1. Quick Backup and Recovery

  • Protect against data corruption and loss due to human misuse, virus infection, logic errors and other unexpected problems.
  • Quickly and easily backup virtual machines in a production cluster to a repository outside the cluster.
  • Restore the previous version of the virtual machine in the original production cluster or rebuild it in a new cluster.

2. Data Reuse

  • Maximize the value of backup data.
  • Avoid impacting the production environment.
  • Simulate the production environment by rebuilding virtual machines in different clusters, and leverage backup data for R&D, testing, troubleshooting, and more.

3. Ransomware Defense

  • Prevent massive data loss due to ransomware attacks.
  • Ensure data integrity with reliable data backup.

Try It Now

SMTX Backup & Recovery can be used in conjunction with SMTX OS Basic and higher editions, and managed by CloudTower Basic and higher editions.

SMTX Backup & Recovery is now available via subscription. You can request a 90-day free trial from our sales representatives.

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