Powerful built-in virtualization ready for production applications. Or use popular VMware/Citrix virtualization solutions but without the expensive hypervisor lock-in.

Simple VM operations

One-click creation and batch operations make VM life cycle management easy and efficient. Deleting a resource is safeguarded with double confirmation.

VM high availability

Protect mission-critical VMs with HA so your business is not compromised when host/network failure occurs.

VM template

Accelerate app delivery by batch creation of VMs with VM templates.

VM snapshot

Create VM snapshots and roll back VMs in seconds. Automatically take snapshots at planned intervals.

Smart VM placement and placement group

Automatically place VMs according to host resource usage and availability zone settings. Apply defined placement rules to VM groups to avoid license restrictions or to meet HA requirements, and so on.

Optimized I/O path

Software-defined approach to enhance per VM I/O data path, providing superior network and storage performance

Storage policies at virtual volume granularity

Set thick or thin provisioning and replication factors to virtual volumes or VMs.

Open platform

Bootst the performance your vSphere, XenServer, OpenStack, Kubernetes environments with SMTX OS and enjoy the extra flexibility and reinforced reliability


Enterprise-grade distributed block storage guarantees a high-performance, stable, reliable virtualized environment.

Flexible replication factor and provisioning policy

Choose thin/thick provisioning and flexible data redundancy level (RF1/2/3) based on your needs.

Auto-tiering of cold and hot data

Cold data is flushed down automatically to the HDD tier while hot data is kept in cache on the SSD tier for best performance.

Topology-aware data placement

Placing data across different blocks or racks minimizes risks of failures.

Intelligent data migration

Data is dynamically balanced in the cluster to take full advantage of all cluster resources. Fast data rebalancing automatically follows the cluster expansion.

Automatic data recovery

In the event of a disk/node failure, the compromised data is recovered using the free space of multiple nodes so the data redundancy is maintained.

Silent data error detection (block checksum)

On every read, data is checked for integrity to detect and fix any possible silent corruption.

All-flash support

Support for all-flash storage for enterprise workloads that require the highest performance

Generic block storage services

External compute can leverage the high-performance storage through iSCSI protocol.

Data protection

Meet your data protection needs at all levels with asynchronous/synchronous backup/ disaster recovery solutions.

MetroX cluster


Deploy a stretched cluster of two availability zones that are synchronized in real time. When the preferred availability zone fails, MetroX provides business recovery with RPO=0 and RTO of minutes.


Cluster replication topologies are flexible and bi-directional with support for one-click recovery with remote backups, providing data protection with RPO ≥ 1 hour.

Operation and maintenance

Single pane of management provides end-to-end visibility, combined with rich monitoring data and intuitive presentation, simplifies operation and maintenance tasks.

Monitoring and analysis
Multi-cluster management

Comprehensive monitoring and analysis

Monitor the health, performance, and so on of the cluster software/hardware. Gain insights into the system status through intuitive data visualization such as Top N charts or user-defined charts.

Alert center

Alerts cover hardware, services, VM, resource usage. Alerts can be added by customization.

GUI-based installation and deployment

Guided workflow saves deployment time and reduces errors.

Online expansion

Non-disruptively add a node or hard disks to a cluster within 10 minutes.

Topology awareness

Automatic topology awareness on specific models makes the brick and disk layout transparent, simplifying operation and maintenance.

Web Console

A highly efficient enterprise product UI with consumer-grade UX.

Modern and easy-to-use interface

Excellent UX helps IT managers, O&M personnel, or end users of the business accomplish their goals more efficiently.

Multi-cluster management

One unified management console to view and manage multiple clusters, eliminating the need to log on multiple consoles.

Rich visualization

Get direct and intuitive knowledge of complex information from cluster overview, hardware topology, VM placement, monitoring and analysis metrics, and so on.

Heterogeneous hardware platform

Mainstream hardware platforms

The hardware compatibility list has covered mainstream x86 servers and components, giving users the choices and flexibility.

Heterogeneous cluster

Support for heterogeneous cluster that includes x86 servers of different brands and models avoids hardware vendor lock-in.