We introduced the 4 critical capabilities of SmartX HCI in our August webinar, including 1) investment on demand and quick resource allocation, 2) support multiple hypervisors and hardware, 3)  support mission-critical applications, and 4) intelligent operations and maintenance with zero downtime. But how does SmartX achieve these critical capabilities? 

Check the articles below to find out the unique product features that make SmartX HCI “critical” for our customers.

Flexible Scale-Out Options That Better Enable On-Demand Investment


Unprecedented Scalability: Explore SmartX HCI’s Flexible Scale-out Options (Read More)

With device hot adding, intelligent data distribution and unified cluster management, SmartX provides customers more options to scale out flexibly. 

Leverage Legacy Hardware and Upgrade System Seamlessly

How to achieve seamless and zero-downtime upgrade of IT infrastructure software and hardware? (Read More)

SmartX HCI’s one-click software upgrade and dynamic hardware upgrade (achieved through SmartX HCI’s compatibility with diverse mainstream servers and CPUs and VM migration functions) assist users to evolve IT technologies as the business grows. 

Performance Optimization to Better Support Mission-Critical Applications 


SPDK Vhost-user: Improve I/O Storage Performance in Hyperconvergence (Read More)

Using SPDK vhost-user to improve Virtio’s I/O performance, SmartX enables better storage performance and enhances business efficiency.

Intelligent Mechanism and Algorithm that Made O&M Simplicity Possible


VMware vs SmartX: Snapshot Mechanism and I/O Performance Comparison (Read More)

Compared with VMware vSphere snapshot, SMTX OS snapshot can effectively reduce latency and enable rapid restoration of I/O performance. It also reduces O&M pressures by simplifying snapshot management. 

Automatic Data Recovery Policy: Stabilizing Application Performance While Accelerating Data Recovery (Read More)

When a node failure occurs, IT engineers often worry about whether to prioritize business stability or to accelerate data recovery. SmartX’s automatic data recovery policy provides a third choice: to balance the I/O performance of both. 

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