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2023 SmartX Recap: Products, Recognitions, and Customer Stories

2023 marks a new milestone for SmartX, as we have helped over 1,000 enterprise customers deploy over 20,000 HCI nodes worldwide. We continued to upgrade our products and solutions, with our HCI portfolio evolving into a full-stack IT infra solution with enhanced capabilities in virtualization, storage, network and security, O&M, DR, migration, and container management. Our products have been widely recognized by research institutions, including Gartner, IDC, Forrester, and GigaOm, and customers from various industries, including financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing. 

SmartX 2023 Q3 Recap – Recognitions, Products, and Case Studies

In Q3 2023, SmartX achieved a significant milestone by introducing our upgraded HCI portfolio, SmartX HCI 5.1. We have also received recognition from Gartner and IDC for our Chinese HCI SW Certified System market share and APAC customers’ choices. Moreover, we are actively collaborating with customers in various industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, to explore HCI scenarios and cater to their specific needs.

SmartX x Alauda: Jointly Launch Cloud-Native Solution with Full-Stack HCI and Container Platform

Recently, SmartX and Alauda, one of the leading cloud-native platform providers, jointly launched a cloud-native solution with full-stack HCI and container platform. Combining SmartX’s HCI and Kubernetes services with the Alauda Container Platform (ACP), this joint solution provides customers with one-stop services for enterprise cloud, accelerating the cloud-native transformation of enterprise IT infrastructure.

SmartX Named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Server Virtualization

Gartner has recently released its “Market Guide for Server Virtualization”, highlighting the new trends in the server virtualization market. SmartX was recognized as a representative vendor due to its SMTX OS, with capabilities including enterprise features of Native Hypervisor ELF, converged deployment in both VMs and containers, support of various virtualization platforms, and end-to-end optimization in the virtualization layer.

SmartX Recognized as Competitive Provider in Gartner’s 2022 Chinese HCI Landscape

Gartner has published the report Competitive Landscape: Chinese HCI Large, Specialist, and Crossover Vendors, in which SmartX is identified as a competitive provider in the Chinese HCI market in 2022 due to superior product reliability and performance. This marks the company’s second appearance in this report, following its appearance in Gartner’s first report on the Chinese HCI landscape in 2019.

SmartX Q3 Market Progress and Highlights:Products, Events and Cases

In Q3 2022, SmartX released Virtink and SMTX Backup & Recovery, providing enterprises with advanced virtualization management for Kubernetes and enhanced data protection for HCI. In August, we also hosted the SmartX HCI Webinar which gave a full walkthrough of our product. Furthermore, we continued to assist companies in financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing with digital transformation of IT infrastructure and business upgrades.

SmartX 2022 Q2 Progress and Highlights

In Q2 2022, SmartX made significant progress in expanding the HCI market. Remarkably, we were recognized as the No.1 pure-play vendor in China HCI market and 2022 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in APAC for HCI Software. We also released a fully-upgraded HCI product portfolio, and introduced our HCI Kit Community Edition. In addition, we continued to work closely with financial service institutes and healthcare institutions and provided HCI solutions with high performance, flexible scalability and easy O&M.

SmartX Releases Upgraded HCI for Modern IT Infrastructure

SmartX, a modern IT infrastructure innovator, has released the newly upgraded SmartX HCI – a hyperconverged infrastructure product portfolio that includes core software SMTX OS, management platform CloudTower, and HCI appliance SMTX Halo. The upgrades include new features to provide optimized performance, security, and management simplicity. With upgraded SmartX HCI, customers can embrace more efficient IT infrastructure while saving up to 50% on costs and focusing on their business priorities.

SmartX Releases CloudTower 2.0: Enhances Simplicity and Security for Operations & Maintenance

SmartX has released CloudTower 2.0, a central management platform for multiple clusters across data centers. CloudTower is a crucial member of the SmartX HCI product portfolio, providing visibility and easy management across all HCI clusters. With new features including cross-cluster VM migration, content library, VM user view, access control and security settings, and an optimized interface, CloudTower 2.0 has improved the efficiency, security, and user experience for operations and maintenance.

SmartX Joins Cloud Native Computing Foundation

October 13, 2021,​​ LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Today at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, CNCF announced that SmartX has joined as a silver member to continuously contribute to the development of cloud native technologies. With our leading cloud native storage product IOMesh as a foundation, SmartX will accelerate the development of a series of technologies including containers as well as cloud native storage and network.

SmartX Upgrades SMTX ZBS to Boost Storage Performance for Mission-Critical Applications

SmartX releases the newest version of SMTX ZBS (v5.0.0), an upgrade of its leading distributed block storage product. With significantly enriched functionality and improved performance, SMTX ZBS provides more stable, performant, and reliable storage services for third-party computing platforms, helping enterprises to build a strong IT infrastructure to support mission-critical applications.

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