October 13, 2021,​​ LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Today at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon North America, CNCF announced that SmartX has joined as a silver member to continuously contribute to the development of cloud native technologies. With our leading cloud native storage product IOMesh as a foundation, SmartX will accelerate the development of a series of technologies including containers as well as cloud native storage and network.

CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), part of The Linux Foundation, is a non-profit organization. Founded in July of 2015, CNCF serves to boost the development of cloud native technologies, and has gathered the industry’s top cloud native experts and hundreds of members. KubeCon + CloudNativeCon has also become the world’s leading conference in the cloud native field.

As an industry leader in HCI and SDS, SmartX helps build a solid IT infrastructure for customers’ enterprise cloud. Based on core components including distributed block storage, we provide products including hyperconverged systems, independent distributed block storage, cloud native storage, distributed cloud management platform, etc. Customers across multiple industries have chosen SmartX to build their infrastructure, especially in financial services, making us No.1 in China HCI software financial vertical market.

As more applications are developed and deployed in a cloud native way, the underlying infrastructure is undergoing rapid change. Storage systems happen to be one of the major challenges in cloud native scenarios and deployment. SmartX released cloud native storage product IOMesh in June this year, with leading performance and stability outperforming multiple peer products.

Being part of CNCF Cloud Native Landscape, IOMesh provides production-level high performance and reliable persistent storage for business-critical applications such as MySQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, etc., contributing to the containerized transformation of stateful applications. 

“We’re very happy that SmartX has joined CNCF as a member and become a part of the cloud-native ecosystem. Recently, IOMesh joined CNCF Landscape, which advances the Kubernetes infrastructure to support demanding stateful applications and data services. We look forward to SmartX’s cooperation with the community to help accelerate cloud-native development.” said Keith Chan, CNCF China Director.

“We’re glad to join CNCF, which is an important platform for us to connect with developers, managers and researchers in cloud native technologies. We look forward to sharing our own progress, exploration and experience, to boost the development of cloud native technologies with this big community.” said Kyle Zhang, Co-founder & CTO of SmartX.

About SmartX:

SmartX is an industry leader in HCI and SDS, building a solid IT foundation to empower enterprise digital transformation. Inspired by our purpose “Make IT Simple”, we are continuously innovating our products for scenarios of virtualization, private cloud as well as cloud-native in enterprise cloud, serving industry leaders across finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and real estate. Learn more about SmartX at smartx.com/global/.

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Anne Yunyun Xiao


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