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Introducing SmartX HCI 5.1, Full Stack HCI for Both Virtualized and Containerized Apps in Production

Provide unified computing, storage, network, and management support for virtualized and containerized applications in production environments.

3 Years in a Row! SmartX Named as a 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Customers' Choice in APAC for HCI Software

Customers' choice in "Voice of the Customer for Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software".

We make IT simple
by modernizing your infrastructure.

SmartX brings simplicity, agility, resilience, and security to your datacenter.

Why SmartX?
Asia/Pacific Customer’s Choice
in the 2023 Gartner Peer Insights “Voice of the Customer”: Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software.
Market Share in HCI Software Market
in China HCI SW Certified System Market Segment according to IDC Tracker.
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Storage managed
Production systems
Repurchase rate in 3 years
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SmartX HCI


HCI Software
SMTX OS is SmartX HCI’s core software with built-in distributed block storage and native hypervisor. Hypervisors from VMware and Citrix are also supported.

SMTX Halo® Appliance

HCI Appliance
SMTX Halo HCI Appliances are based on dual-socket or quad-socket mainstream servers with built-in SMTX OS, providing users with out-of-the-box all-in-one product delivery.

SMTX Kubernetes Service

Container Management and Service
SMTX Kubernetes Service provides native Kubernetes management on SmartX HCI. It helps IT operations teams easily deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters, and build an infrastructure that can support both virtualized and containerized apps.

SMTX Backup & DR

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
SMTX Backup & DR provides native backup and disaster recovery for SmartX HCI. With simple operations, it provides enterprise-grade data protection and disaster recovery capabilities for workloads running on HCI.


Software-Defined Network and Security
Everoute provides software-defined network and security capabilities for SmartX HCI. It offers functionalities such as the distributed firewall, load balancer, and container network, and supports both virtualized and containerized apps, forming a unified network and security solution managed with SmartX HCI.


Management Platform
CloudTower is the management platform for SmartX HCI. It offers all-rounded, simple-to-use management functions, user-friendly graphical interfaces (GUIs), and integrated interfaces for managing 100+ hyperconverged clusters across multiple datacenters or locations. It supports the search, screening, and location of all managed resources.

SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure

A product brief of SmartX Hyperconverged Infrastructure.

Find out how distributed block storage SMTX ZBS can make a difference in your infrastructure.

Proven Stability. Tested by over 500 customers across financial services and other industries, 69% in production systems.
Cost-Effectiveness. Lower your cost with the license-free hypervisor, small initial investment, easy scale-out, and utilizing existing servers to save more.
Pure Simplicity. A modern, compact, two-tier architecture, with intelligent operation & maintenance, greatly reducing IT complexity.
Ultimate Flexibility. Start from 3 nodes and easily scale out by adding capacity online and non-disruptively, even forming a heterogeneous cluster with servers from different brands.
Unmatched Performance. Full-stack software optimization, unleashing the full potential of the hardware.

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