Open Ecosystem and Stability?

Gartner Knows the Solution for Both

In addition, SMTX OS also supports vSphere and Xen. SMTX OS can run on certified servers from almost all mainstream x86 server vendors.

SmartX has successfully penetrated into customers that heavily rely on IT for business and operation, including all kinds of financial service institutes, large hospitals, and manufacturing. Good experience in system reliability has earned customers’ confidence in their products.

SmartX collapses compute and storage into a single platform of software-defined services that run on generic x86 servers, making modern data centers more efficient and more scalable.


Simplicity is wisdom of IT.

SmartX HCI lets you build a modern data center fast and easily with SMTX OS and generic x86 servers.

Our products manage over tens of petabytes of data in multiple industries.
We have the largest HCI use case in China that is confirmed by Gartner1.

Hyperconvergence Solutions

A new starting point for business.

Virtualization and Cloud
Enterprise Applications
Disaster Recovery
Dev/Test Platform
Remote & Branch Office
New Data Center

With home-grown distributed storage technologies, SmartX provides a highly reliable, easy-to-scale, easy-to-manage infrastructure that supports multiple virtualization and cloud platforms.

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