Gartner has recently released its “Market Guide for Server Virtualization”, highlighting the new trends in the server virtualization market. SmartX was recognized as a representative vendor due to its SMTX OS, with capabilities including enterprise features of Native Hypervisor ELF, converged deployment in both VMs and containers, support of various virtualization platforms, and end-to-end optimization in the virtualization layer.  

The market guide points out that the server virtualization market is facing great changes and is in urgent need of transformation. The pending acquisition of VMware by Broadcom will shake the traditional layout in the server virtualization market and will by 2026 drive 50% of enterprises to reevaluate their server virtualization needs and explore replacement server virtualization technologies. New technologies such as support for ARM-based servers, lightweight virtual machine (VM) monitors, MicroVMs, and container-VM convergence should be put on the agenda to meet the requirements of existing and future workloads. 

Gartner estimated and recommended around 20 vendors suited to replace VMware in the global server virtualization market, intending to offer a comprehensive description of the market trends and detailed suggestions on how to select the most suitable virtualization solutions.




SmartX’s SMTX OS is on the list, providing multiple hypervisor choices and stable and powerful distributed storage, to meet various customer requirements regarding performance, flexibility, and costs. Its advantages include:

  • Production-Ready: its ability to support mission-critical applications has been battle-tested in production environments of financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries.
  • High-Performance: end-to-end optimization has brought industry-leading performance, practiced in performance-sensitive use cases such as databases.
  • Multiple Hypervisors: customers can choose VMware vSphere or SmartX Native Hypervisor ELF.


Customers can further replace their current VMware virtualization with SMTX OS, to reduce overall costs and O&M complexity, as well as to achieve the elasticity and flexibility of the IT infrastructure.


Learn more about SMTX OS and virtualization solutions:

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