In Q3 2023, SmartX achieved a significant milestone by introducing our upgraded HCI portfolio, SmartX HCI 5.1. We have also received recognition from Gartner and IDC for our Chinese HCI SW Certified System market share and APAC customers’ choices. Moreover, we are actively collaborating with customers in various industries, including Finance, Healthcare, and Manufacturing, to explore HCI scenarios and cater to their specific needs.

Company News


3 Years in a Row! SmartX Named as a 2023 Gartner Peer Insights Customers’ Choice in APAC for HCI Software

SmartX was named an Asia/Pacific Customer’s Choice in the recently released “Voice of the Customer for Full-Stack Hyperconverged Infrastructure Software” by Gartner. This marks the third consecutive year of SmartX being named an APAC Customers’ Choice for HCI software. >>Read More

IDC Report: SmartX Ranked 1st in China HCI SW Certified System Market

IDC recently published “China Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Market Overview, 2023 Q1.” In the HCI SW Certified System market segment, SmartX ranked 1st with 21.9% market share in 2023 Q1. >>Read More

SmartX x Alauda: Jointly Launch Cloud-Native Solution with Full-Stack HCI and Container Platform

Recently, SmartX and Alauda, one of the leading cloud-native platform providers, jointly launched a cloud-native solution with full-stack HCI and container platform, providing customers with one-stop services for enterprise cloud. >>Read More

Product Release & Features


Introducing SmartX HCI 5.1, Full Stack HCI for Both Virtualized and Containerized Apps in Production

Recently SmartX announced its upgraded hyperconverged infrastructure portfolio, SmartX HCI 5.1, which can provide unified computing, storage, network, and management support for virtualized and containerized applications in production environments. >>Read More

Eliminate Virtual Network Blind Spots with SmartX Network Visualization

Together with HCI 5.1, SmartX introduced the Network Visualization functionality, a key feature of SmartX’s Observability platform that allows O&M engineers to gain a comprehensive understanding of virtual network traffic status. >>Read More

GPU Passthrough & vGPU: Using GPU Application in Virtualization with SMTX OS 5.1

SmartX has introduced GPU passthrough and vGPU features in the upgraded SMTX OS 5.1. Currently, enterprises can use SmartX HCI to provide stable support for various high-performance GPU applications. >>Read More

Building New Cluster vs. Rolling Replacement: How to Seamlessly Replace HCI Server Hardware?

With SmartX HCI, O&M staff can achieve seamless replacement of HCI servers through two solutions: rebuilding the cluster on a new server, and rollingly replacing servers in the same cluster. >>Read More

Kubernetes on VMs vs. Bare Metal: Comparison of Architecture and Capabilities

As users modernize their IT infra with containers and Kubernetes, they may wonder if it’s necessary to replace existing virtualization/HCI with bare metal. In this article, we comprehensively compare the operation of Kubernetes on virtual machines (VMs) and bare-metal servers. >>Read More

Case Studies


Finance|Boosting Oracle Data Warehouse Batch Processing Performance with SmartX HCI

A financial customer tested the Oracle data warehouse’s batch-processing performance on SmartX HCI platform. Compared with the production environment (minicomputer + centralized storage), SmartX HCI reduced the batch processing time by 36%. >>Read More

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