IDC recently published “China Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Market Overview, 2023 Q1.” In contrast to its previous reports, this research additionally explores the HCI SW Certified System market segment, focusing on the “HCI SW + Certified Server” ship model. In this market segment, SmartX ranked 1st with 21.9% market share in 2023 Q1. 

According to IDC’s definition of the HCI SW Certified System, software and certified servers are loosely coupled hyperconverged solutions built with servers that are pre-certified as fully compatible with the software-defined storage controller software. Certification is normally done by the software vendor. This includes pure-play vendors that provide HCI software and form an integrated system through certified hardware (such as SmartX) and traditional server vendors that resell third-party software to create an integrated system.

The ability of HCI vendors to provide pure-play HCI software has become an HCI market trend and a key focus for customers due to the fact that software delivery gives customers more freedom to select hardware that suits their needs and budgets and that software is more easily compatible with the latest hardware technologies and standards.

As a leader in the pure-play HCI software market, SmartX provides the SmartX Ready Nodes deployment solution, which allows users to select certified servers from the SMTX OS compatibility list for deployment. SMTX OS currently supports almost 40 types of servers with x86 and ARM CPUs (including Intel, Hygon, Kunpeng, Feiteng, etc.) Meanwhile, users can leverage existing servers or combine new servers of various brands and configurations to deploy SMTX OS, taking full advantage of the flexible program to lower system construction costs.

SmartX HCI has been widely deployed in the production environments of Foxconn, Bank of Communications, Taikang Life Insurance, Guotai Junan Securities, BOE, Gree, Meizu, Cafe24, ConnectWave, Shinsegae, and other industry leaders, with the maximum deployment scale of a single customer exceeding 400 nodes.

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