SmartX is a Fast Mover in 2022 GigaOm HCI Radar for both Enterprise and SMB Deployments.

GigaOm, a leading analyst firm, recognizes SmartX as a Fast Mover in its 2022 HCI Radar for both Enterprise and SMB deployments. The reports evaluate worldwide vendors with 5 key criteria and 4 evaluation metrics, providing a comprehensive view of the HCI landscape. HCI is becoming a popular choice for businesses of all sizes, and SmartX stands out with its high performance, high availability, and additional value offerings.

HCI Focuses on Platform Ecosystem and Integration

As HCI has matured into a mainstream technology that can be used in the core, cloud, and edge, it is critical to provide a consistent experience across environments while enabling applications and data mobility for large enterprises. Integration of various capabilities such as data protection, disaster recovery, Kubernetes support, automation and orchestration, and other features is also highly valued. Overall, HCI helps customers with their hybrid cloud and multi-cloud infrastructure strategies. Additionally, small-scale deployment matters for small-to-medium businesses (SMBs), on top of availability, performance, and integration of various capabilities. 

SmartX is a Fast Mover for Both Enterprise and SMB Deployments

Since its first appearance in the 2021 GigaOm HCI Radar (Enterprise Deployment) as the only new entrant, SmartX is now a challenger on the radar screen, with a focus on technical innovation and cutting-edge functionality. SmartX also appears in the SMB Deployment radar screen this time, offering small-scale and cost-effective deployment that can support various applications. Below is a summary of the key benefits of SmartX HCI.

Flexibility and scalability. SmartX HCI can scale from a minimum 3-node cluster to 255 nodes in one cluster. It supports VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, and its KVM-based hypervisor ELF. SmartX HCI offers software-only and all-in-one appliance deployment options.

Performance and availability. SmartX HCI targets the most critical virtualized workloads in financial institutions and is proven capable of supporting various applications in production across industries. It brings ultimate performance with full-stack software optimization. It offers a strong set of availability options including synchronous metro-cluster, asynchronous replication, as well as agentless backup & recovery.

Unified and automated management. SmartX HCI can manage multiple clusters across multiple data centers on-premises using CloudTower, with resource visibility, VM optimization, and more management capabilities such as a “one-click” operation mechanism.

Kubernetes support. Everoute, the SmartX SDN, can replace the current VLAN-based networking with micro-segmentation architecture. SmartX HCI can deliver block storage to pods through a CSI plugin.

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