In Q1 2023, SmartX’s HCI products have once again gained recognition from Gartner and GigaOm. Besides, our cloud-native open-source products, Virtink and knest, benefit customers with simplified Kubernetes management. We also continue to work closely with academic and industry users from financial services and manufacturing on IT infrastructure modernization.

Company News

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SmartX Included in 2023 Gartner’s Market Guide for Full-Stack HCI Software

SmartX has been recognized as a representative vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Full-Stack HCI Software, highlighting the product’s industry-proven reliability in various application scenarios. >>Read More

SmartX Is Once Again Named a Fast Mover in HCI by GigaOm

SmartX is once again named a Fast Mover in the most recent GigaOm HCI Radar report. We appear on the radar screen of both Enterprise and SMB deployments. >>Read More

Joint Paper of SmartX and USTC Accepted at FAST ’23

The joint paper of SmartX and USTC titled “Revitalizing the Forgotten On-Chip DMA to Expedite Data Movement in NVM-based Storage Systems” was accepted at the 21st USENIX Conference on File and Storage Technologies (FAST ’23). >>Read More

Product Features


How to Use knest to Implement Kubernetes as a Service in a Data Center?

Looking to implement KaaS in data centers? Don’t miss this guide on using knest, SmartX’s open-source command line tool on Virtink, to achieve 1-click management of Kubernetes clusters. >>Read More

We’ve also revealed the secrets of SmartX HCI’s exceptional performance through comparisons of VMware, Nutanix, and SmartX HCI, as well as a thorough examination of SmartX distributed storage ZBS architectures. Please see the following blogs for more information:

Nutanix vs. SmartX: Product, Storage Architecture, and Performance Comparison

3 Comparisons Disclosing How SmartX HCI Outperforms VMware HCI

Exploring the Architecture of ZBS – How NVMe-oF Boosts Storage Performance

Exploring the Architecture of ZBS: RDMA as the Data Synchronization Protocol

Exploring the Architecture of ZBS – SmartX Distributed Block Storage

Case Studies


Three Manufacturing Customers Share their Insights on SmartX HCI Disaster Recovery Solutions

SmartX HCI can provide not only efficient storage support for core business systems in the manufacturing industry but also high-availability support to the IT infrastructure via various HCI DR solutions. >>Read More

Zheshang Securities: An Ex-User of VMware and Nutanix HCI Embraces SmartX HCI

Zheshang Securities, one of China’s top securities companies, has switched to SmartX HCI for its outstanding stability, performance, and ease of management. Formerly a VMware and Nutanix HCI user, they’ve experienced incredible upgrades of IT infrastructure. >>Read More

Baosight: IT Infra Upgrade Driven by SmartX HCI and Distributed Storage

Baosight, a Chinese leading industrial solution provider, leverages SmartX HCI and distributed storage ZBS to support core production service systems like ERP and MES in China Baowu’s newly built steel mills, and enables unified management from IT headquarters. >>Read More

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