SmartX offers a simple yet reliable disaster recovery portfolio targeting different RPO and RTO requirements without relying on any other third-party products.

Traditional DR Solutions

  • Expensive and difficult to maintain

    Disaster recovery solutions usually consist of active-active and remote backup at levels of application, storage or data center. Legacy solutions generally use third-party proprietary hardware, which is expensive and difficult for maintenance.

  • Resource waste

    Legacy disaster recovery solutions introduce complex, multi-tier, heterogeneous environments that are neither space nor energy efficient. While owners must pay a lot to make DR systems effective for disasters, the resources have very low utilization rate, which could mean waste.

SmartX DR solution

  • Built-in DR solutions

    SMTX OS integrates home-grown snapshotting, backup and MetroX (active-active feature of SMTX OS1) capabilities. No extra deployment is required. No need to worry about compatibility, or extra hardware cost.

  • Data checksum for data protection

    Data integrity is the prerequisite for disaster recovery. SMTX OS checksums data to prevent data silent corruption.

  • Local snapshots

    SMTX OS features instant snapshotting that can protect diverse objects such as virtual disks, VMs, iSCSI LUNs or NFS files. User-defined snapshot plans and retention policies make local data protection more flexible.

  • MultiActive cluster

    MultiActive cluster supports the deployment of one cluster containing two availability zones (sites) in the same city. Cross-site real-time synchronous data replication ensures an RPO=0 and an RTO in minutes. Currently, MultiActive is supported by SMTX OS virtualization services and VMware vSphere.

  • Backup services

    In contrast to MultiActive, SMTX OS backup services are not confined by geographical distance or networking in that multiple SmartX HCI clusters deployed across different regions or sites can back up each other to achieve asynchronous disaster recovery. Backup services also support user-defined backup objects and policies to allow more flexibility in achieving business continuity.

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