In Q2 2023, SmartX’s HCI product and native hypervisor ELF have been included in multiple reports from Forrester, IDC and Gartner. On the other hand, our new product, SKS 1.0, can help I&O teams easily deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters. Our professionality in products and services has also received recognition from customers in finance, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Company News

SmartX Named a Notable Vendor in Forrester’s Q2 2023 HCI Landscape

SmartX is included in Forrester’s report “The Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI) Landscape, Q2 2023” as one of the notable vendors, with light shed on cost-effectiveness and wide use cases of SmartX HCI solution. >>Read More

SmartX Included in IDC Report Among Top HCI Vendors in Edge Environments

The recent IDC Perspective report, “Hyperconverged Infrastructure Use Will Continue to Grow in Edge Environments”, recognizes SmartX as a top HCI vendor offering multiple deployment options for edge locations. >>Read More

SmartX Named a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s Market Guide for Server Virtualization

Gartner estimated around 20 vendors in its recent “Market Guide for Server Virtualization”. SmartX’s SMTX OS is on the list, providing multiple hypervisor choices to meet various customer requirements. >>Read More

Product Release & Features

SmartX Releases SKS 1.0, Offering One-Stop Solution to Build Production-Ready Kubernetes Clusters

SKS preloads Kubernetes addons and integrates industry-leading SmartX HCI product components, helping I&O teams build complete enterprise cloud infrastructure that can support both virtualized and containerized applications. >>Read More

Reuse Existing Devices with SmartX HCI: 4 Customers Achieve IT Infra Transformation at a Lower Cost

Upgrade your IT infrastructure using existing servers? SmartX offers a flexible HCI solution that supports heterogeneous clusters, allowing enterprises to improve resource utilization while saving costs. >>Read More

Hard Disk Health Check with SmartX HCI: Three Ways to Auto-Detect and Isolate Abnormal Disks

To assist O&M engineers in monitoring disk health effectively, SmartX HCI has introduced the disk health check mechanism which allows engineers to identify failure causes using internal commands and message logs. >>Read More

Case Studies

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Voice of SmartX Customers: Eight Enterprises Share Their Insights on SmartX HCI

SmartX has received a good reputation among customers for its professional products. Eight customers from various industries, including finance, healthcare, and manufacturing, share their insights on SmartX HCI services. >>Learn More

Caida Securities: Transforms IT Infra to Meet Service Agility and Stability Demands with SmartX HCI

Caida Securities has been leveraging innovative IT infra like SmartX HCI to meet the ever-changing demands of business agility and stability. In this interview, Caida’s CIO, Jingmin Xie, shares their achievements in IT modernization. >>Learn More

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