Build Production-Ready Kubernetes Cluster with One-Stop Solution.

By integrating industry-leading components such as SmartX virtualization, distributed storage, and networking and security, SKS enables IT teams to effortlessly deploy and manage enterprise-grade Kubernetes clusters.

Easy to Use. Provide easy access to production-ready Kubernetes and improve the efficiency of cluster management.
Production Ready. Ensure the operation of stateful applications with high performance and reliability.
No Vendor Lock-in. Choose plug-ins flexibly according to your own needs.
SKS is a certified Kubernetes distribution.
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Easy-to-Use Kubernetes Cluster Lifecycle Management
Production-Ready Storage and Network Pre-Integration with Cluster High Availability
Flexible Choices for Addons and Kubernetes Versions
Use Cases
  • Quickly Create and Manage Kubernetes Clusters Based on VM
  • Support Virtualized and Containerized Apps on Existing Hardware Resources
  • Provide Kubernetes Clusters for Multi-Tenants
Quickly Create and Manage Kubernetes Clusters Based on VM
In a hyper-converged cluster using SmartX Native Hypervisor ELF, streamline the creation of Kubernetes clusters, with virtual machines functioning as nodes, and seamlessly deliver them as Kubeconfig files for use. Enhance efficiency by automating and standardizing the full lifecycle management of Kubernetes clusters, including automatic scaling, automatic replacement of faulty nodes, cluster upgrades, and cluster rollbacks.