Build Production-Ready Kubernetes Cluster with One-Stop Solution.

With preloaded Kubernetes addons, industry-leading SmartX virtualization, distributed storage, networking and security products, SKS helps IT operations teams effortlessly deploy and manage production-ready Kubernetes clusters on servers with multiple CPU architectures.

Easy to Use Provide easy access to production-ready Kubernetes and improve the efficiency of cluster management.
Production Ready Ensure the operation of stateful applications with high performance and reliability.
No Vendor Lock-in Choose plug-ins flexibly according to your own needs.
Easy-to-Use Kubernetes Cluster Lifecycle Management
Production-Ready Storage and Network Pre-Integration with Cluster High Availability
Flexible Choices for Addons and Kubernetes Versions
Use Cases
  • Quickly Create and Manage Kubernetes Clusters Based on VM
  • Support Virtualized and Containerized Apps with Limited Hardware Resources
  • Provide Kubernetes Clusters for Multi-Tenants
Quickly Create and Manage Kubernetes Clusters Based on VM
In the SmartX native hypervisor ELF-based hyper-converged cluster, a Kubernetes cluster is built with virtual machines as nodes, and it is delivered for use through a Kubeconfig file. The Kubernetes cluster undergoes automated and standardized lifecycle management, including automatic scaling, replacement of failed nodes, and upgrades/rollbacks.