Since 2013, SmartX has been dedicated to providing leading HCI, storage, and management products to help customers build enterprise cloud infrastructure and accelerate digital transformation. Our products empower multiple industries across finance, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and real estate, with 10,000+ deployed nodes and a 77% repurchase rate. SmartX has also received a good reputation among customers as we have been named Gartner Peer Insights Customer’s Choice in the APAC HCI software market for both 2021 and 2022.  

In particular, in this video, 8 customers from various industries, including Guotai Junan Securities, China International Capital Corporation (CICC), Caida Securities, Yingda Asset Management, The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University, Foshan Women and Children Hospital, and Zhejiang Mingri Holding Group, share their insights on SmartX HCI services.

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The following is the transcript of the interview.

Guotai Junan Securities

Feng Yu, CIO of Guotai Junan Securities

One of the most prominent features of SmartX products is that they are completely independently developed.

This team is also relatively young and full of energy. We appreciate entrepreneurial teams like this and would like to work with them on something that others haven’t done before. Therefore, we value the ability of this team, and even more so, its technical innovation. That’s why we chose SmartX.

Since the initial deployment in Chengdu, we have effectively deployed SmartX HCI in more than a dozen locations. We are very satisfied with the deployment as well as the ease of O&M, which totally meets our expectations. Moreover, SmartX HCI platforms have been gradually spread from remote data centers to our main data center, and have been well used for many transaction-related services.

China International Capital Corporation (CICC)

Jing Zhang, Chief Executive Manager of Information Technology Department, CICC

SmartX has a good reputation in the financial service industry. So we tried out SmartX HCI and gradually integrated it into our IT infrastructure. 

We have been using SmartX HCI for about 2 years, with about 70 to 80 nodes divided into 2 or 3 clusters. We initially used SmartX HCI for Dev/Test, and later for some research platforms and cloud desktop delivery platforms. In fact, SmartX HCI has already penetrated into the production environment.

SmartX HCI clusters comprise an important part of our entire cloud strategy. The cluster expansions also witnessed SmartX HCI’s outstanding scalability, maintainability, and operability.

There hasn’t been any large-scale downtime in the production and Dev/Test environment.

Caida Securities

Jingmin Xie, CIO of Caida Securities

SmartX is an outstanding and representative vendor in the entire industry. Its HCI product also shows outstanding performance.

In addition to SmartX’s leading technology, what impressed me the most was SmartX engineers’ professional skills and sincere attitude.

There is one characteristic of securities companies’ IT deployment: generally, in order to ensure the stability of the system, deployment usually takes place during holidays and at night. SmartX IT professionals did not complain about the hard work and could work well with our company under this harsh condition. Their dedication also greatly impressed us.

Our company began working with SmartX in 2019. After gradual construction, we have moved almost all of our systems to HCI platform except for the core databases. Especially in the disaster recovery server room, we have already built a small-scale private cloud based on HCI, supporting systems including the core trading system and online trading system.

As a securities company, we have dozens of systems related to trading, and we have completely moved all of these systems to HCI.

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Yingda Asset Management

Yan Xia, Vice President of the Internet Finance Department of Yingda Asset Management

After adopting the hyperconverged architecture, we migrated all the minicomputer services to the new architecture. Now all of our business systems, including core database applications, are running on HCI, and our disaster recovery is also on the HCI platform. HCI’s performance is as efficient as minicomputers, if not more so.

The HCI platform has been working for more than three years and there hasn’t been one single downtime.

We have been working with SmartX for more than three years, and we trust each other; SmartX’s all-around services have attended to all our needs.

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The First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University

Wujun Zhang, Director of Clinical Research and Medical Affairs Department

Since our first partnership in 2018, we have deployed more than 300 VMs on SmartX HCI. After fully using it for more than a year, we have a few insights: Firstly, the product has been very stable, and we haven’t encountered any significant issues. Secondly, compared to other products, SmartX HCI is relatively more cost-effective, especially given its independently developed technology. Thirdly, SmartX provides good local and professional services, including proactive inspections. Fourthly, it has significantly reduced our data center space and simplified our operations and maintenance.

Xuanwu Hospital Capital Medical University

Zhigang Liang, Director of Information Center

I believe Xuanwu Hospital is experienced in HCI application. Based on our previous exploration, we believe that the stability and reliability of HCI can meet the hospital’s requirements for running core service systems. Therefore, when upgrading HIS system, we deployed all servers running core services on HCI without hesitation. Our HIS inpatient system has been running smoothly for more than a year without any catastrophic failure since it was introduced in July 2021. I think this gave us more confidence to cooperate with SmartX in the near future.

In fact, Xuanwu Hospital has just achieved a Grade 5 in the EMR review conducted by NHC. Some of our service systems, tests, and interfacing that need to be modified have also been deployed on SmartX HCI. Therefore, SmartX played a big role in helping us pass the high-level EMR review.

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Foshan Women and Children Hospital

Liming Ma, Hospital’s CIO

When selecting HCI vendors, we mainly considered the following aspects:

  • Product stability, which I think is particularly important for hospitals to provide 7/24 services;
  • Convenient operations, maintenance, and management; and
  • Professional local services.

Besides, I was drawn by a small detail and reassured my decision in SmartX. I remember that when we tested hyperconverged devices at SmartX, we had a look at their working environment before leaving. They have ergonomic office chairs and their workplace was full of human-centered designs. I had total faith in the products and services provided by this company because they paid so much attention to details.

And in fact, my instinct didn’t lie. There has been no single accident in the past three years since we launched SmartX HCI in 2019. We are also quite satisfied with Smartx’s regular inspection services.

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Zhejiang Mingri Holding Group

Qimin Shen, CIO of Mingri

We evaluated several HCI vendors multiple times. And we finally picked SmartX because of the following reasons:

First, the proven stability and high performance of SmartX HCI in financial services, which, I believe, is very convincing.

SmartX HCI’s easy-to-use interface and easy operations are our other two decision factors. Personally speaking, I think a professional vendor should go deep instead of wide in its field. SmartX convinced me of its expertise and future product expansion in HCI.

We started to work with SmartX at the end of 2019. About two years later, in 2021, we stepped into the third project. This project is very crucial as it involves the upgrade of BIP 5.0.

It turned out that we were very satisfied with our partnership with SmartX, and to be specific, their products’ performance and various services and supports. So we went with SmartX without hesitation regarding our third project. In this project, we decided to run the entire BIP platform on SmartX HCI.

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