BEIJING, China, Sep. 17, 2021 – Today, SmartX releases the newest version of SMTX ZBS (v5.0.0), an upgrade of its leading distributed block storage product. With significantly enriched functionality and improved performance, SMTX ZBS provides more stable, performant, and reliable storage services for third-party computing platforms, helping enterprises to build a strong IT infrastructure to support mission-critical applications.

SMTX ZBS was born to meet customers’ increasing demand of creating distributed storage resource pools to support existing computing platforms, especially when current products are unable to provide high performance and low latency support for mission-critical applications. Developed by SmartX, SMTX ZBS can provide in-depth support and continuous optimization, and has supported a large scale of production scenarios among many customers.

SMTX ZBS adopts a fully distributed architecture and uses unified metadata management to accurately control data distribution. Through strategies including topology security, local priority, localization, and capacity balance, it ensures data security as well as high performance.

Most importantly, the newest version of SMTX ZBS adapts to advanced software and hardware technologies such as Intel Persistent Memory, NVMe SSD, 25GbE/100GbE and RDMA, which significantly improves its performance.

  • NVMe-oF: SMTX ZBS supports NVMe over RDMA, ensures high concurrency and low latency from PCIe devices to storage network via RoCEv2 solution, to meet the requirements of high-performance and low-latency applications.
  • PMem: SMTX ZBS supports a full-flash solution with PMem as cache and NVMe SSD as storage medium. Leveraging PMem’s high-performance, low-latency, and non-volatile features, it can lower the latency of business-critical applications.
  • RDMA: SMTX ZBS introduces RDMA to achieve direct communication among the nodes, avoiding OS buffer overhead, which reduces the write latency of remote nodes and improves cluster overall performance.


Other features of this new version of SMTX ZBS include:

  • Data protection: It includes active/active cluster and asynchronous replication, helps users build a data protection and disaster recovery architecture among three centers in two places. It provides site failure tolerance capability with data RPO=0 and RTO in minutes.
  • QoS: It supports volume-level IO rate limiting by setting IOPS and bandwidth upper limit. In addition, IO Burst can also be configured to meet sudden demand to support controllable business bursts while controlling the upper limit of traffic.
  • Snapshot consistency groups: It supports creating a consistency group with a group of related volumes, achieving consistent data protection by taking snapshots of the consistency group.

SMTX ZBS runs on standard x86 hardware, allows multiple verified third-party plugins to provide reliable storage for external computing platforms, including: VAAI-NAS for VMware vSphere, Cinder Driver for OpenStack, CSI Driver for Kubernetes, etc.

With its industry-leading performance and reliability, SMTX ZBS has been battle-tested by customers in industries of financial services and manufacturing, etc., especially in mission-critical applications.

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