In Q1 2024, SmartX continued to receive recognition from IDC for our leading market share in China’s HCI Software market. Dedicated to IT infrastructure innovation, we released SKS 1.2 with outstanding performance and enhanced Kubernetes support for AI applications. We’ve also provided professional solutions targeting customers’ needs for ransomware protection and VMware replacement.

APAC Market News

SmartX Leads China HCI Software Market in Q3 2023, According to IDC

In the report “IDC China Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Market Overview, 2023 Q3”, SmartX continues to lead HCI software market with a 19.4% market share, following the dominance from the previous two quarters. >>Read More

SmartX Shared HCI Solution for AI Applications in Generative AI Seminar in Korea

SmartX Korean team participated in the Generative AI Day seminar and shared our HCI solution for AI applications and use cases with Korean enterprise customers.

Product Upgrades

SmartX Releases SKS 1.2, Enhancing Kubernetes Support for AI Scenarios

SKS 1.2 now supports GPU to adapt to multiple scenarios, especially the increasing AIGC (AI-generated content) demands. It also supports AArch64 CPU architecture and openEuler OS to meet diverse customer needs. >>Read More

SKS vs. Bare-Metal Kubernetes: Comparison of Performance

According to our test data, SKS shows performance ranging from 82% to 96% of bare-metal-based Kubernetes, indicating that VM-based Kubernetes can meet the requirements of most containerized applications in production environments. >>Read More

Software-defined Load Balancing in Everoute 2.0: Improving Virtual Network Performance and Availability

SmartX introduces Everoute 2.0 with an upgraded software-defined network load balancing feature. This feature enhances application performance and availability, offering unified support for both VMs and containers running on SmartX HCI (ELF) clusters. >>Read More

Learn more about feature upgrades and new components of SmartX HCI 5.1 from this collection page.

Featured Solutions

Solution for Ransomware Protection

Leveraging SmartX observability platform, software-defined network and security product – Everoute, and SMTX Backup & DR, organizations can protect their systems from ransomware through a three-stage strategy: actively detect ransomware attacks, isolate infected VMs, and recover data in a secure environment. >>Read More

Solution for VMware Replacement

Users can replace vSphere and/or vSAN with SmartX HCI software SMTX OS (with built-in distributed storage) to reduce costs while upgrading IT architecture, or replace VMware system with SmartX’s full-stack HCI solution to achieve a complete exit from VMware. >>Read More

We also released a new e-book that discloses 11 customer studies in 7 application scenarios. Click here to Download!

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