SMTX Backup & DR
Enterprise-grade data protection and disaster recovery for data center workloads.

SMTX Backup & DR provides native backup and disaster recovery for SmartX HCI. With simple operations, it provides enterprise-grade data protection and disaster recovery capabilities for workloads running on HCI.

Why SMTX Backup & DR
Easy to Use. Agentless, with visualized execution logs, “one-click” deployment and upgrade.
Easy to Manage. Unified management via one platform, to reduce O&M management costs and increase efficiency.
Flexibility. Support a variety of custom settings and different recovery modes.
SmartX Native, Agentless
No need to install an agent when deploying SMTX Backup & DR; No impact on VM performance during backup and replication; Compatible with mainstream OS.
One Platform, Centralized Management
Manage all backup, DR and cluster resources with CloudTower; Execution records of backup and replication at a glance; One click to deploy or upgrade system services.
Flexible Data Protection Options
Choose backup or replication based on your infrastructure and data protection requirements. Customize your execution schedule, execution window, and retention policy.
Use Cases