Higher Performance, More Capabilities

SmartX, a modern IT infrastructure innovator, has released the newly upgraded SmartX HCI – a hyperconverged infrastructure product portfolio that includes core software SMTX OS, management platform CloudTower, and HCI appliance SMTX Halo. The upgrades include new features to provide optimized performance, security, and management simplicity. With upgraded SmartX HCI, customers can embrace more efficient IT infrastructure while saving up to 50% on costs and focusing on their business priorities. 

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As a milestone of SmartX HCI innovation, the newest SMTX OS and CloudTower leverage the most advanced technologies to boost IT infrastructure:

  • Optimized performance: SMTX OS 5.0 leverages boost mode to optimize I/O path in compute virtualization, introduces Intel®️ Optane™️ Persistent Memory into storage engine, and supports ethernet of 25 GbE and above and RDMA in storage network. Compared with SMTX OS 4.0, the cluster performance (4K random access) based on SMTX OS 5.0 has increased by 60%, with IOPS exceeding 1 million on a 3-node cluster. The performance is even higher when combining Intel®️ Optane™️ Persistent Memory in the solution.
  • Software-defined network & security: SMXT OS 5.0 adds network & security function with micro-segmentation, providing distributed firewalls to each application or virtual machine by reinforcing east-west traffic security. It also simplifies security management by automating security policy distribution and enabling joint management through CloudTower. 
  • Intelligent cluster management: CloudTower 2.0 frees IT professionals from operations & maintenance hassles through extra intelligent functions such as cross-cluster VM migration, content library, VM user view, access control and security settings, and interface optimization. 

With new upgrades, SmartX HCI has strengthened its 4 critical capabilities:

  • Investment on demand and quick resource allocation: Starting from 3 nodes, the capacity could be easily increased by adding nodes/parts. The storage and compute resources could rapidly scale out and be distributed flexibly online.
  • Supports multiple hypervisors and hardware: SmartX HCI is compatible with industry-standard x86 servers. Besides its native hypervisor ELF, it supports other hypervisor options including VMware ESXi and Citrix XenServer.
  • Supports mission-critical applications: SmartX HCI provides rich high-availability features, end-to-end optimized performance, and security functions. Its stability is proven in production across financial services and other industries.
  • Intelligent operations & maintenance with zero downtime: SmartX HCI reduces manual operations and risks with “0-0-1-1” experience, meaning “0” service disruption during scale-out and software and hardware upgrades, “0” manual operation in automatic data recovery and data rebalance after scale-out; “1” click in resource utilization, log collection, and other operations, and “1” interface to manage multiple clusters and data centers.

With more capabilities and higher performance for SmartX HCI, SmartX brings simplicity, agility, resilience, and security to customers’ IT infrastructure. Additionally, with a license-free hypervisor that replaces legacy virtualization, SmartX HCI could bring a cost reduction by up to 50%.

So far, over 10,000 SmartX HCI nodes have been deployed globally in financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, retail, and other industries. For 2 consecutive years, SmartX was ranked No.1 in HCI software market of financial services in China and named Asia/Pacific Customers’ Choice by Gartner® Peer Insights™. SmartX was also named a fast mover in 2021 GigaOm Radar for Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Enterprise Deployments.

SmartX will continue with HCI innovation and help more customers achieve digital transformation. In the next stage, SmartX will focus on providing more HCI capabilities, expanding support for more applications and workloads, reducing operations and maintenance complexity, and more.

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