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HCI Kit includes SMTX OS and CloudTower of SmartX HCI. Community Edition is freely-available, easy-to-deploy, feature-rich, and community-supported. Prepare standard x86 servers for a 2-hour1 installation & deployment, and start your HCI journey right away.
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To deploy HCI in production environment, please send sales inquiry for a customized solution.

What Will You Do with Community Edition?

Learn. Interested in HCI? Curious at how HCI achieves simplicity, flexibility and efficiency? Get a hands-on experience and see how it runs in your environment.
Evaluate. Considering HCI products? Try it out for yourself and compare with alternatives. Run a proof of concept, ask an expert in the community, before making a decision.
Use. Ready to deploy Community Edition for Dev & Test? Start with small scale before deciding to move up to Commercial Editions.

Experience HCI Core Features

HCI Kit Community Edition

Products & Features

Experience HCI features beforehand via our interactive demo.
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Provides compute virtualization, distributed storage, and network & security.

Compute Virtualization

SmartX’s native hypervisor ELF, with optimized performance.

Distributed Storage

SmartX’s distributed block storage ZBS, with reliability and high performance battle-tested in FSI production environment.

Network and Security

SmartX’s Network and Security product Everoute provides micro-segmentation, securing east-west traffic with distributed firewalls for virtual machines.


Provides multi-cluster management, capable of managing clusters across datacenters with one unified platform.

Compare Community and Commercial Editions

Community Edition

Commercial Editions

Community Edition

Commercial Editions

Licensed Edition
Community Edition

Basic, Standard, Enterprise


Basic, Enterprise

License Period

Free 30-day trial

Apply for community perpetual license

Free 30-day trial

Pay for commercial subscription license


Max number of hosts per cluster: 3


Max number of managed clusters: 3


Number of hosts per cluster: 3 - 255


Max number of managed clusters: 1 - unlimited2

Virtualization Platforms

SmartX Native Hypervisor ELF

  • SmartX Native Hypervisor ELF
  • VMware ESXi™
  • Citrix® XenServer®
Include core capabilities of SmartX HCI
  • Distributed block storage
  • VM services
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Data protection (snapshot)
  • Virtual distributed firewall
  • Multicluster management
Provide extra capabilities including
  • Distributed block storage
    • All-flash storage
    • Intel®️ Optane™️ Persistent Memory support
    • Using RDMA protocol for data transfer among nodes
  • VM services
    • Boost mode
  • Data protection
    • Asynchronous replication, Active-Active cluster
  • Multcluster management
    • Cross-cluster VM migration
    • Content Library
    • Access control and security settings
Service & Support

SmartX community support

Standard service and support

Learn about more differentiation from SMTX OS Spec and CloudTower Spec.

Start Your HCI Journey Right Here

Installation & Deployment
Minimum Hardware Requirements

Please check the minimum hardware requirements before installation.
Universal x86 servers.

This includes Dell, Lenovo, HP, Inspur, Supermicro, Huawei, and more brands.

At least one, with a base clock speed of 2.1 GHz or above, Sandy Bridge and above.

64 GB or above.

Raid card
One card, need to support the pass-through mode.

Cache SSD
At least one disk, with capacity of 480 GB or above.

At least two disks, with capacity of 1 TB or above.

Boot disk
At least one disk, with capacity of 120 GB or above.

At least one card of 1 GbE and one card of 10 GbE.

You can check the Installation and Deployment Guide for more information.

Apply for Community Perpetual License

Before the 30-day3 trial expires, you can apply for a community perpetual license to use the Community Edition for free.

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