IDC recently published “China SDS and HCI Market Overview, 2021Q4,” in which SmartX shows rapid growth in HCI market share. Particularly, SmartX is recognized as one of the key vendors with the fastest growth in China HCI software market due to its achievement in the financial services industry (FSI). In fact, this is the 2nd year in a row that SmartX ranked 1st in China HCI software financial vertical market.

The report shows that SmartX is also the No.1 pure-play vendor in China HCI market. In 2021, SmartX claimed 2.6% of the China HCI market (with an 84.7% YoY growth), and 4.1% of the China HCI software market (with a 69.9% YoY growth), following large DC vendors and cloud providers.


China HCI Market Key Vendor Analysis, 2021 
in the IDC report “China SDS and HCI Market Overview, 2021Q4”



China HCI Market Key SW Component Vendor Analysis, 2021 
in the IDC report “China SDS and HCI Market Overview, 2021Q4”


IDC attributed SmartX’s outstanding growth to its achievement in product performance & stability and financial vertical market:

Software-driven HCI products have great potential in the Chinese market. Industries that seek flexibility, for example, telecommunications and financial services industries, have already increased the procurement of HCI software. Vendors such as SmartX took this opportunity and kept up the product stability and performance, which helped the company earn a good reputation among financial institutions and achieve an increase in the market share.

– IDC Consulting: A Policy-and-demand-driven Market Growth: SDS and HCI in the Red Sea Market

In 2021, SmartX made substantial market progress, especially in the FSI industry, as SmartX claimed 25% of the China HCI software financial vertical market share. Over the last year, SmartX: 

  • Provided services to nearly 60 new FSI clients, with the total number of clients surpassing 150 and nodes reaching 3,000 in China FSI industry. 
  • Provided services to nearly 30 securities institutions, accounting for 30% of the industry and 50% of Top 30 securities institutions.
  • Extended support to more mission-critical systems and core databases in various financial segments.

SmartX HCI’s stability and flexibility have been proven by customers, as they:

  • Deployed SmartX HCI on large scale in production; one customer even deployed over 300 nodes in total, which has stably supported the systems for over 3 years.
  • Deployed SmartX HCI on different servers to form heterogeneous clusters.
  • Deployed SmartX HCI with various hypervisors, including VMware ESXi, SmartX’s native hypervisor ELF (choice of over 40% of customers), and Citrix XenServer. 

Beyond the FSI industry, SmartX is also actively working with industry leaders in healthcare, manufacturing, retail and real estate, etc., with a footprint across countries and regions including Greater China, Korea, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and Europe. 

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