SmartX takes nearly a quarter of the market, with a share of 23.5%.

IDC has published “IDC China Software-defined Storage and Hyperconverged System Market Overview, 2023 Q4”, analyzing the China HCI market and the China HCI SW+Certified Server System market for the 2023 full year. 

According to the report, SmartX continues to lead the China HCI software market with a share of 23.5%, which takes nearly a quarter of the market. Additionally, SmartX extends its ability to cloud-native and AI infrastructure and allows tech buyers to choose from multiple supported hypervisors, CPUs, GPUs, and servers, which could provide unified management, network, and storage for both virtualized and containerized workloads.

Building Cloud Infrastructure for over 1000 Customers

As a market leader in HCI software, SmartX HCI has been deployed in production environments of over 1000 customers, reaching nearly 20,000 nodes in total deployment and over 1000 nodes in a single customer’s deployment. 

The high performance and stability of SmartX HCI have also earned customer trust. The customer repurchase rate in 3 years has reached 81%, and SmartX has been named Asia Pacific Customers’ Choice in HCI software by Gartner Peer Insights for 3 consecutive years. 

In the financial services industry, SmartX has empowered the HCI-based IT transformation for over 300 customers from the banking, insurance, securities, funds, futures, and trust funds fields. The total deployment nodes have reached over 8000. Customers include Bank of Communications, Taikang Insurance, Guotai Junan Securities, etc.

In the healthcare industry, SmartX is deployed by top-tier hospitals for infrastructure transformation and upgrade needs, including VMware replacement, application containerization, digital transformation, data protection and disaster recovery, and legacy system upgrades. Customers include the First Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, the Third Hospital of Peking University, etc.

In the manufacturing and retail industry, SmartX supports customers in various scenarios, including IT infrastructure transformation, mission-critical applications, disaster recovery, multi-branch IT construction and management, dev/test, and VDI. Customers include Foxconn, Gree, Li Auto, Cafe24, ConnectWave, etc.

In the public sector, such as government, public service, education, and research institutions, SmartX helps customers build IT infrastructure with high performance, availability, and scalability that supports mission-critical applications, management systems, and modern applications. Customers include Shanghai Merchant Ship Design and Research Institute, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Fudan University, etc.

Enabling Customers’ VMware Replacement in Various Stages

SmartX HCI supports its native hypervisor ELF (KVM-based) and VMware hypervisor. Its performance, stability, and reliability as a VMware alternative have been tested in the production environments of various financial institutions, healthcare, and manufacturing customers. Customers deployed SmartX HCI to replace VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN, or VMware HCI. Nearly 65% of SmartX customers have chosen SmartX’s native ELF, replacing virtualization while reducing costs.

  • When replacing VMware vSphere and/or vSAN with SMTX OS (SmartX HCI software, embedded with hypervisor ELF and distributed storage ZBS), customers will achieve infrastructure upgrades while saving the total cost of ownership.
  • When replacing VMware HCI with full-stack SmartX HCI (including virtualization, storage, management, Kubernetes service, data protection, etc.), customers will receive complete infrastructure capabilities with more desirable cost performance.

Supporting Mission-Critical Applications and Active-Active Datacenter

SmartX HCI has been widely applied in key business scenarios across various industries, such as counter transactions, O32, TA, and valuation in financial institutions, HIS (Hospital Information Systems), EMR (Electronic Medical Records), and LIS (Laboratory Information Systems) in healthcare industry, MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems), and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) in manufacturing industry.

Additionally, SmartX HCI supports active-active stretched clusters across data centers, based on native virtualization ELF and VMware virtualization. This architecture enables data to be distributed in multiple copies across two data centers, facilitating real-time data synchronization. Automatic failover of application services between data centers ensures disaster recovery with zero RPO and minute-level RTO effect. Combined with application-level high availability load balancing solutions, it further reduces RTO to near zero.

Managing VM and Container Hybrid Infrastructure

With SMTX Kubernetes Service, SmartX HCI provides computing, storage, networking, and other resources for both virtualized and containerized workloads through a unified architecture. This approach enhances resource utilization and facilitates unified management of virtualized and containerized environments through a single management platform for users.

HCI for AI Scenarios

SmartX HCI offers compute and storage resource services tailored to meet the demands of AI applications. It supports GPU pass-through and vGPU, along with technologies like MIG (Multi-Instance GPU) and MPS (Multi-Process Service). This enhances GPU utilization in virtualized and containerized environments, improving the efficiency of GPU usage and AI applications

Additionally, SmartX distributed storage ZBS supports various storage media, catering to the diverse data storage requirements of AI applications. It provides outstanding and stable storage performance for high I/O scenarios.

About SmartX HCI

SmartX HCI is a hyper-converged infrastructure product portfolio that includes full-stack HCI software. This one-stop portfolio delivers functionalities such as virtualization, distributed storage, software-defined network and security, container management and service, data protection, and disaster recovery, with proven reliability, stability, and excellent performance. With SmartX HCI, customers can build a modern infrastructure that supports production, dev/test, edge, VDI, and disaster recovery, with easy planning, configuration, deployment, operation, and maintenance.

You can learn more about SmartX and SmartX HCI by reading company introduction, product info and case studies.

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