China’s leading IoT and intelligent interface products and services provider BOE Technology announced that it has built the next-generation desktop cloud platform with SmartX’s Hyper Converged Infrastructure (HCI) Solution for agile, high-performance, scalable and easy-to-maintain infrastructure architecture.

The legacy system pressure of BOE

BOE Technology Group was founded in April 1993, with three core businesses including Display and Sensor Devices, Smart Systems and Healthcare Services.

As its business grows, more and more pain points emerged from its legacy NAS and traditional SAN architecture. The legacy system was built on a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment, with 21 blade servers, 150 TB shared storage and 50TB NAS, operating 800 virtual desktops.

The legacy system puts heavy pressure on its engineers to maintain and manage all the hardware. Increasing number of virtual desktops not only affected the storage performance, but also triggered serious boot storm resulting tremendous performance drain. Moreover, the aging hardware including the hard disc drives in RAID array also put the data in high risk.

BOE x SmartX

In order to innovate and enhance IT infrastructure to power its business development, BOE decided to establish an independent hyper-converged desktop cloud system.

With close communications and collaboration with SmartX team as well as long-term testing and qualifications, BOE eventually chose to adopt SmartX HCI to build the new-generation hyper-converged desktop cloud system.  Below are the highlights of the new solution.

1.SmartX HCI platform provides distributed storage resources for vSphere and XenDesktop, simplifying infrastructure.

2.SSD high-speed cache is leveraged to address boot storm with high IOPS, enhancing the user experience of virtual desktop.

3.SmartX’s software defined architecture enables strong performance, scalability and flexibility.

Whole project deployment takes only 1 day to finish, and standard x86 server with Ethernet switch as well as highly visible software eases the pressure of maintenance and management of IT staff.

At the same time, the system performance has been boosted with 80% speed up in testing, taking less than two seconds to start the applications. The high scalable and flexible system has proven to cut its cost as well.

The new look of BOE

BOE is now able to invest in scale-up according to its specific business demands. The whole project brings significant benefits to BOE, reducing the cost of hardware, management and maintenance with an innovative architecture.

After the launch of the new system in February in 2017, BOE successfully scaled up the VDI environment 4 times in 2017 and 2018. By the end of 2018, it has a total number of 15 HCI nodes, to support over 1,000virtual desktops.

SmartX HCI system empowers the quick launch of our desktop cloud system. On top of its high performance, the robust, agile and flexible system also supports a broad range of our workloads and applications, saving TCO and simplifying maintenance.

—— WEI Te, leader of IT Department of BOE.

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