Block storage services
Cluster scale
Cluster max raw capacity
6 PiB
Cluster max available capacity
2 PiB
Heterogeneous cluster
Cluster online grow/shrink
Generic block storage services
Auto-tiered storage
All-flash storage
Storage policy (per datastore/volume)
Storage pool1
Topology-aware data placement
VM-location-aware data placement
Silent data error detection (block checksum)
Instantaneous file/LUN snapshotting and cloning
VM-centric snapshotting and cloning
Thin provisioning
Concurrent read/write of shared volume
Volume stripes
Volume QoS2
Tunable replication factor
SCVM I/O redirection3
Virtualization platforms
VMware ESXi
Citrix XenServer
ELF (Built-in virtualization platform)
Built-in virtualization
VM lifecycle management
VM hot configuration
VNC console
VM hot migration
VM cold migration
VM CPU compatibility
VM template
VM instantaneous snapshotting/sloning
Resource-aware scheduling
Affinity rule placement4
User-specified VM placement
Storage policy
ISO management
Virtual distributed switch
Distributed DHCP service
Infrastructure management
Single cluster/site management
Multiple cluster/site management
Multiple hypervisor management
Visualized cluster topology and management
Visualized networks and management
Visualized server components and management
Server component lifetime monitoring
Hardware firmware check
Internationalisation (i18n)
GUI-based installation and configuration
Monitoring & analysis of physical server/component performance/capacity/error
Monitoring & analysis of virtual resource performance/capacity/error
Monitoring & analysis of network performance/error
Monitoring & analysis of cluster health
Monitoring & analysis of software stack resouce/health
Customizable alerts
SNMP support
Email notification
Customizable analysis widget with customiszable metric history
Monitoring metrics export
ZBS API for data protection (ZADP)
Data protection - snapshot
VM-centric snapshot plan
NFS-file snapshot plan
iSCSI LUN snapshot plan
Data protection - backup
Requires separate license
Multi-cluster backup and disaster recovery5
VM-centric snapshot backup/recover to remote clusters
NFS-file snapshot backup/recover to remote clusters
iSCSI LUN snapshot backup/recover to remote clusters
WAN optimization
Data protection - MetroX cluster
Requires separate license
Availability zone
Automatic disaster recovery of VMs/applications across availability zones6