Cluster Specifications and Services
Maximum bare capacity of cluster
6 PiB
6 PiB
Maximum available capacity of cluster
2 PiB
2 PiB
Commercial supports
Block Storage Service
Heterogeneous hardware cluster
Cluster online expansion / reduction
General block storage service(iSCSI)
Automatic storage tiering of hot and cold data
Volume pinning
Multiple data storage policies in a single storage pool
Topology-aware data placement
Access-point-aware data placement
Data block checksum
Snapshot and clone in seconds
Thin provision
Parallel access to shared volumes1
Stripe configuration
QoS settings(Setting I/O burst is supported)
Optional number of replicas
2, 3
2, 3
One-way and two-way authentication of iSCSI CHAP
Access whitelist configuration
Consistency group
Adjustable rate of data recovery and migration2
Kubernetes CSI
All-flash storage
Use RDMA protocol to transmit data among nodes
NVMe-oF(NVMe over RDMA and NVMe over TCP)
Supported Compute Platforms
VMware ESXi
Microsoft Hyper-V
Operation & Maintenance Management3
Single cluster/site management
Multiple cluster/site management
Visualization and management of cluster topology
Visualization and management of server components
Monitoring of server component life
Hardware firmware check
Abnormal disk detection and isolation
Network fail-slow detection and isolation
Language Internationalization support
Graphical installation and configuration
Monitoring and analysis of performance/capacity/errors of physical servers/components
Monitoring and analysis of network performance/errors
Monitoring and analysis of cluster health
Custom alert rules
SNMP support
Email alerts
Custom monitoring analysis panel
Monitoring data export
Software one-click upgrade
Event audit
Permission management based on user roles
Physical disk locator light
Host maintenance mode
Host power operations
One-click cluster shutdown
Disk management tool
Command line
Command line
Node role conversion
Command line
Command line
Conversion from non-MetroX cluster to MetroX cluster
Command line
Command line
API and Command Line
API documentation
Command line
Data Protection - MetroX Cluster
Separately licensedSeparately licensed
Availability zone management
Automatic disaster recovery of storage
High availability across availability zones
High availability across availability zones