Cluster Specifications and Services
Maximum bare capacity of cluster
6 PiB
6 PiB
Maximum available capacity of cluster
2 PiB
2 PiB
Commercial supports
Block Storage Service
Heterogeneous hardware cluster
Cluster online expansion / reduction
General block storage service(iSCSI)
Automatic storage tiering of hot and cold data
Multiple data storage policies in a single storage pool
Topology-aware data placement
Access-point-aware data placement
Data block checksum
Snapshot and clone in seconds
Thin provision
Parallel access to shared volumes1
Stripe configuration
QoS settings(Setting I/O burst is supported)
Optional number of replicas
2, 3
2, 3
One-way and two-way authentication of iSCSI CHAP
Access whitelist configuration
Consistency group
Adjustable rate of data recovery and migration2
Kubernetes CSI
All-flash storage
Use RDMA protocol to transmit data among nodes
NVMe-oF(NVMe over RDMA and NVMe over TCP)
Supported Compute Platforms
VMware ESXi
Microsoft Hyper-V
Operation & Maintenance Management3
Single cluster/site management
Multiple cluster/site management
Visualization and management of cluster topology
Visualization and management of server components
Monitoring of server component life
Hardware firmware check
Abnormal disk detection and isolation
Network fail-slow detection and isolation
Language Internationalization support
Graphical installation and configuration
Monitoring and analysis of performance/capacity/errors of physical servers/components
Monitoring and analysis of network performance/errors
Monitoring and analysis of cluster health
Custom alert rules
SNMP support
Email alerts
Custom monitoring analysis panel
Monitoring data export
Software one-click upgrade
Event audit
Permission management based on user roles
Physical disk locator light
Host maintenance mode
Disk management tool
Command line
Command line
Node role conversion
Command line
Command line
Conversion from non-MetroX cluster to MetroX cluster
Command line
Command line
API and Command Line
API documentation
Command line
Data Protection - MetroX Cluster
Separately licensedSeparately licensed
Availability zone management
Automatic disaster recovery of storage
High availability across availability zones
High availability across availability zones