SmartX HCI provides the powerful performance, agility of architecture, and excellent support for Kubernetes that an enterprise needs for the best DevOps practices.

Dev/Test Platform

  • Support for continuous delivery

    The development of multi-user, multi-functional software today often requires multiple deployments within one day (CD, continuous delivery), which is not easy to achieve with traditional architecture because of the complex resource provisioning and reclamation.

  • Test operation and data management

    Code quality is essential in software test. The challenge is to ensure different versions of the code run smoothly on multiple platforms (PC, IOS, Android). To speed up processes, the desired underlying infrastructure should not only provide powerful compute and storage capabilities, but also support strong data management capabilities such as instant rollback to allow users focus the testing rather than the infrastructure.

  • High resource consumption in stress test

    Stress test is an important part of software test, but generally it is difficult to meet the requirements of stress test for budget reasons.

SmartX Dev/Test Solution

  • Fast deployment

    Developers no longer need to wait for operations to allocate resources. They can create VMs from a web interface and use templates to deploy development or test environments in batches, greatly reducing deployment time.

    Fast cloning technology shortens the time for large-capacity data cloning to within seconds. Multiple clones occupy only a small amount of storage space.

  • Accelerated testing and backtracking

    VM snapshot and clone help users quickly restore any state of the test environment and  switch between multiple test environments easily, making testing faster and more efficient.

    The monitoring and analysis feature provides rich VM monitoring information such as tracking multiple sets of performance state changes. Visualized analysis reports help users quickly locate problems during testing.

  • K8s support

    SMTX OS can be used to provide persistent storage to Kubernetes and make for better DevOps practices.

  • Lowest overhead and Simplified management

    The built-in virtualisation services provides enterprise-level VM features with no additional licensing cost. SMTX OS is a one-stop management and service platform that offers a single pane of glass, from which hardware, virtualized computing, network and storage are managed easily with a low earning curve.

  • High-performance environment

    High-performance VMs improve the development/test experience and make stress testing much easier. Non-disruptive scaling architecture can well accommodate the rapid growth of the dev/test environment.

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