IT infrastructure complexity is no longer a must when meeting the tough reliability and performance requirements of enterprise applications.

Enterprise Applications

  • Data silos

    Modern IT systems have unique requirements on performance and reliability and their resource consumption patterns can be utterly different, so it is common to run them on heterogeneous infrastructures. This kind of physical isolation leads to data silos and results in low resource sharing and usage.

  • Required high performance for mission-critical applications

    Critical workloads consume substantial compute to satisfy the transactional or analytical requirements such as of business reporting and interactions with database. These requirements on infrastructure tend to grow as these workloads grow rapidly in terms of total data. This leads to surging cost with traditional infrastructures.

  • High demand of business continuity

    Ensuring business continuity is vital. The disaster recovery and data protection solutions associated traditional centralized storage systems are often complex and costly, making it expensive to implement business continuity.

SmartX Enterprise Application Solution

  • Powering mainstream business workloads

    Use SmartX HCI to consolidate production and disaster recovery environments for different applications such as databases, ERP and OA.

  • Unmatched I/O performance

    SMTX OS is particularly optimized to fully exploit SSD’s potential. Combined with I/O locality, SMTX OS provides a high IOPS and low latency storage to applications such as those of On-Line Transaction Processing (OLTP).

  • A stable and reliable platform with rich data protection features

    Enterprise applications depend on highly reliable infrastructure to achieve business continuity. SmartX HCI is a fully-fledged, stable and reliable platform that offers advanced data protection and disaster recovery mechanisms. In addition, SmartX owns the largest HCI deployment in China and has accumulated many other production environment use cases.

  • Simple and economical

    Enterprises do not need to invest in multiple systems and thus budget is saved and management is simplified.

  • Distributed architecture

    SmartX HCI can scale out easily as workloads increase. Unlike traditional three-tiered infrastructure, there won't be a performance bottleneck because adding one HCI node increases compute, storage performance and capacity at the same time.

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