SmartX HCI simplifies ROBO IT infrastructure and offers a single platform for remote IT management and disaster recovery.

Remote & Branch Office IT

  • Centralized deployment puts huge pressure on leased lines

    Many enterprises deploy mission-critical application workloads in the data center at headquarters. ROBO sites are allowed access via a metropolitan area network (MAN) using leased lines. Lightweight IT at ROBO sites surely simplifies application deployment and maintenance and decreases overlapping investment, but the counterpoints to this approach are obvious:

    • Leasing a line is expensive and the cost would rocket when one company owns many ROBOs.
    • If ROBO operations rely on these leased lines, the bandwidth contention ratio could be high as production and backup workloads compete for the limited resources. Increased network latency can slow down system access and affect work efficiency.
    • It is a huge risk that once the line fails the entire office may shut down.
  • Difficulties in ROBO data center management and cost control

    Traditional infrastructure introduces a myriad of hardware devices and complex architectures to ROBO data centers. But most ROBOs lack the professional personnel to perform on-site operation and maintenance tasks. The situation is worse in remote offices, as is exacerbated by the high cost of travel. It is very difficult to get professional IT to look at the things that need maintenance.

SmartX ROBO IT Solution

  • Powerful computing and storage platform

    • ROBOs can have powerful compute to run large enterprise applications such as Oracle Database and SAP locally at a reasonable cost.
    • VDI applications like XenDesktop and Horizon View can be deployed at end users sites for a better experience.
    • Domain controllers, DHCP, and print services can run at ROBO sites as well, along with some other infrastructure services. In case of a leased line failure, basic IT services won't be affected, thus avoiding a complete office shutdown.
  • Easy to manage

    SmartX HCI products are easy to use, allowing remote/branch offices to use less manpower in operation and maintenance. Complete monitoring and alert feature sets help administrators to easily manage multiple remote clusters efficiently.

  • Pay as you grow

    • A SMTX cluster starts with three hyperconverged nodes. Using high-density servers further reduces the rack space and the related OpEx such as energy consumption and cooling. ROBO data centers can be quickly built up with minimized investment.
    • Built-in VM services provide enterprise-class features for efficient management, such as online migration and high availability. No separate license is required.
    • Users can scale the cluster online as business grows, meeting IT needs for businesses of all sizes.
  • ROBO with disaster recovery

    SMTX OS supports multi-site asynchronous backup, so a ROBO site is also a disaster recovery site. Once the primary site fails, restore business directly from the ROBO site. Similarly, the data generated by the ROBO can also be backed up to one or more other sites for disaster recovery.

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