SmartX offers an easy-to-scale, cost-effective and easy-to-manage HCI solution for building the next-generation enterprise data centers.

New Data Center

  • Low return on investment

    Traditional infrastructures of data centers are based on centralized storage and devices procured from different vendors, which often leads to huge initial cost, poor scalability and high maintenance cost.

  • Long delivery period

    Long procurement cycle of software and hardware is often in months. Complex and error-prone procedures of installation and deployment lead to long delay from delivery to entry into service.

  • Difficult and complex to manage

    The operations and maintenance of traditional data centers involve multiple software and hardware. As time evolves, old and new software/hardware form a highly mixed environment, which is painful to upgrade, scale and troubleshoot. In addition, complex maintenance and operations often cause more errors.

  • Compromised performance

    In traditional infrastructures, the storage performance is bottlenecked by the storage controllers (usually between 2 and 8). This limitation also prevent SSDs in all-flash arrays from functioning to their full potential.

  • Poor reliability and availability

    Centralized storage runs risks of a single point of failure. A storage controller fault or power outage can make the storage unavailable or severe performance downgrades. The data protection mechanism based on RAID requires a rather long time to recover data in case of disk failures. The bigger the RAID disk capacity, the higher the risk of data loss.

SmartX data center

  • Building ‘streamlined' server rooms

    SMTX OS runs on hyperconverged compute, network and storage resources, so there is no need to purchase, deploy, and maintain separate servers and storage arrays for data centers. This can significantly reduce server room footprint as well as the pressure on cooling and UPS devices.

  • Protecting hardware investments

    The software-defined system masks hardware heterogeneity behind one unified platform. Users can select different types of hardware according to their business needs. New features are available by upgrading software without replacing any hardware. This software-defined approach not only protects existing investment but also saves costs on unnecessary hardware upgrades.

  • Easy start and elastic scale

    A SMTX cluster can start from three nodes and has linear scale-out capability. Low initial investment and a predictable, pay-as-you-grow model help enterprises to simplify IT investment planning and stay focused on core businesses.

  • High performance

    SmartX HCI is based on a distributed storage architecture. Adding an HCI node also scale the storage controllers of the cluster, so the storage performance increases linearly with the capacity. The SmartX Local Storage Manager is a raw disk-based storage engine that can make the best use of flash devices and guarantees high performance when combined with data locality.

  • High reliability and self-healing

    SMTX OS has a distributed architecture with no single point of failure. Data is protected by multiple replicas that ensure data availability in case of failure of a single node. Instead of recovering the whole disk, only the downgraded data is recovered, which significantly reduces the recovery time.

  • Single pane of glass management

    Manage compute, storage and network resources through one unified UI. SMTX OS UI offers end-to-end visibility that lets IT quickly locate problems and resolve them, greatly simplifying maintenance and operations.

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