SmartX offers a simple and flexible HCI-based VDI solution that eliminates boot storms and makes virtual desktops run like local PCs.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

  • Boot storm harms efficiency

    If an enormous amount of VDI users perform intensive I/O operations such as boot or login at the same time, the limited I/O capacity of centralized storage will become a bottleneck and cause delays or, in the worst case, total unresponsiveness.

  • No flexibility in investment

    Enterprise desires  strong flexibility in VDI deployments. The deployment is expected to grow in scale as needed. However, with traditional three-tiered infrastructure, even when the number of VDIs to be deployed is quite limited, they have to take future resource requirements into account. This results in a considerable upfront investment in hardware, power, space and thus drives up the costs of maintenance and operations.

  • Poor reliability and productivity

    All workloads must access the centralized shared storage in real time, so in the case of storage failure, all running workloads have to be suspended. A highly available infrastructure is needed to ensure business continuity.

SmartX VDI solution

  • Easy to eliminate boot storms

    VDI user experience is closely linked to I/O performance of the infrastructure. SmartX HCI makes full use of the SSD’s advantages of handling parallel I/O operations. Smart data tiering identifies cold and hot data, lifts the frequently accessed hot data to SSDs and flushes down the cold data to HDDs, resulting in an IOPS much higher than HDDs are capable of, thus eliminating boot/login storms at reasonable costs.

  • Flexible on-demand investment

    A small deployment can start from three nodes. Enterprises can expand VDI by simply adding new nodes. Investments already made on existing hardware are well protected. The costs and the linear cost increase on the added compute and storage resources are clear and predictable.

  • Visible productivity improvements

    High-performance infrastructure ensures excellent desktop responsiveness so that the productivity of a task worker like a call center can be greatly improved. SmartX HCI also supports GPU virtualization to provide virtual desktops with powerful graphics performance.

  • Fast deployment

    Deployment can be completed within one hour, and VDIs can be delivered within a few hours. Now Citrix XenDesktop and VMware Horizon View are supported.

  • Simplified operations and maintenance

    HCI is a software defined architecture with no hardware bundling so that users can select hardware simply according to their needs. Heterogeneous hardware is managed through a single pane of glass, which simplifies the complexity of maintenance and operations.

How does SmartX help leading brands succeed in virtual desktop infrastructure?