Flexible virtualization combined with powerful and stable distributed storage. Meet various performance, agility, and cost requirements.

Solution Introduction

SmartX delivers several solutions based on the core distributed storage using native virtualization, VMware virtualization, and Citrix virtualization, and supports two delivery options of either pure software or appliance for user flexibility.

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Choose Your Hypervisor

How does SMTX OS native virtualization differ from VMware virtualization? Click to view the solution comparison and select the best solution for you.

SmartX Native Hypervisor ELF
VMware vSphere
Management Platform
CloudTower + vCenter
Storage Access Protocol
iSCSI / vHost
Runtime Environment
Bare metal
Virtual machine (SCVM)
Management Complexity
MetroX (Active-Active Clustering)
Snapshot Plan
Use VMware solution
Asynchronous Replication
Use VMware solution
Backup and Recovery
Use VMware solution
Network and Security
Use VMware solution
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License-free ELF for Enterprise

Users can develop a server virtualization solution using the built-in hypervisor ELF of SMTX OS and the distributed storage ZBS without purchasing dedicated storage or VMware virtualization products. This solution is not only cost-effective and simple to use, but can also form resource pools that have excellent performance based on cutting-edge hardware such as Intel Optane Persistent Memory.

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This solution is widely applied not only by small and medium-sized businesses to establish simple and flexible data centers to support diverse enterprise applications, but also by a large number of financial customers to build cloudified resource pools.

Cloud-based Data Center with Distributed Infrastructure via HCI

VMware Virtualization for Flexible HCI

Users can build a hyper-converged virtualization solution using distributed block storage ZBS and VMware virtualization, benefiting from the advanced technology while using a familiar hypervisor.

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Hundreds of SmartX HCI nodes support the stable and efficient operations of core production business for Guotai Junan Securities, allowing the agile Internet business to grow continuously.

Nationwide HCI Resource Pools Deployment to Support Online Services and Core Business Applications