With home-grown distributed storage technologies, SmartX provides a highly reliable, easy-to-scale, easy-to-manage infrastructure that supports multiple virtualization and cloud platforms.

Virtualization and Cloud

  • Complex to manage

    Traditional three-tier infrastructures require separate servers and centralized storage devices. These devices are procured from different vendors and are likely managed as silos, which makes operation and maintenance complex and expensive.

  • Difficult to scale

    The fact that storage and compute resources are separated in traditional infrastructure makes it unsuitable for large deployments in a virtualized environment or private cloud. Especially it is impossible to scale both performance and capacity linearly in the centralized storage due to the storage controller limitation. Data migration is always a must if new storage devices are added.

  • Poor reliability and availability

    Centralized storage runs risks of a single point of failure. A storage controller fault or power outage can make the storage unavailable or severe performance downgrades. The data protection mechanism based on RAID requires a rather long time to recover data in case of disk failures. The bigger the RAID disk capacity, the higher the risk of data loss.

  • High cost

    High total cost of ownership of a traditional IT infrastructure: compute, storage, network devices, software licences all have to be purchased, not to mention the server rooms and energy cost.

SmartX Virtualization and Cloud
Solution Benefits

  • Simple management

    Manage storage, network and compute resources through a centralized web console, greatly reducing management complexity, hardware footprint and power consumption.

  • Distributed architecture

    Commodity hardware makes scale-out easy. Each time a new node is added to the cluster, the cluster IOPS and capacity both increase. This is no scaling problem as caused by storage controllers of legacy infrastructure.

  • Open and flexible

    SmartX HCI supports cloud platforms such as OpenStack, VMware vCloud, and virtualization platforms such as vSphere, XenServer and KVM. The product has been certified as VMware Ready and Citrix Ready. It is also supported to deploy compute and storage separately in detached mode.

  • High performance

    SmartX HCI takes full advantage of SSD, combined with  smart tiering of cold/hot data and data locality, offers an I/O performance three times the traditional centralized storage.

  • High reliability and self-healing

    Distributed architecture eliminates single point of failure. The adoption of multiple replicas ensures data availability even in the case of a single node failure. When data is downgraded, the system recovers only the downgraded data, rather than the entire disk, significantly reducing data recovery time.

  • VM-centric management

    VM snapshotting and cloning can be completed instantly. Live migration of VMs guarantees zero service interruption. Once HA is enabled, the protected VM can be restored within a few minutes in case of failures. With disaster recovery VMs can be restored at remote sites1.

SMTX OS built-in VM services

Based on KVM.

  • Enterprise-level features such as HA, live migration and automatic placement.

  • Simple to use and easy to learn, public cloud like experience

  • No extra purchase required and thus saves a lot.

    SMTX VM Services
  • Support conversion from VMware VMs to SMTX VMs.

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