Bank of Communications is the fifth largest bank in China, providing a wide range of services including commercial banking, securities, trusts, financial leasing, fund management, insurance, and offshore financial services.


The cost and performance of the traditional three-tier architecture unable to support the rapid growth of online application requirements

Capacities expansion for traditional infrastructure is not an easy task, and the maintenance cost in terms of labour and financially are both high

Lack of centralized management ability to manage isolated IT resources, and effectively consolidate the resources

Wuhan Data Center
Shanghai Data Center
Improved stability and performance for mission-critical business applications
SmartX compatible with mainstream x86 servers, offer a flexibility for user to deploy their own choose of server, either their existing machines or brand new servers
Visualized management tool provides an unified screen for infrastructure management & resources allocation, building and integrating with cloud management platform (CMP) products
SmartX HCI provides 100+ computing nodes with built-in, free virtual machine services platform in the new architecture. It improves the overall productivity and performance for the entire architecture and reduces the initial investment
SmartX HCI is well integrated with the online services and core business applications on a single platform to improve resources utilization
Users especially appreciate SmartX's stability & reliability in such a large & complicated deployment of computing farms
To consolidate the IT resources by HCI architecture with reliability, stability and high-performance for enlarging the cloud-based, distributed data centers continuously