BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. (BOE) is one of the top five global giants manufacturing LED panels. Every year, one-third of pads and one-fifth of smartphones are equipped with screens made by BOE. Over the past few years, in addition to maintaining its competitiveness in LED, BOE also ventured into areas like smart systems and health services.

In order to improve R&D efficiency, to reduce related IT costs and to better protect the company's technical assets, BOE would like to deploy a completely independent hyperconverged VDI to provide each user with two isolated virtual desktops, where user data and privileges are controlled by configurable policies.


increase in VDI boot up speed.

< 2 seconds

launching any apps on virtual desktops.

1 hour or less

completed deployment.

4 times

scaling out to meet business needs.

SmartX HCI ensured a quick deployment of our VDI system and great performance, which not only met our requirements but also made it simple for future scaling.

-- WEI Te, Chief of IT Department of Business Support, BOE WEI Te